Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Timeless Fall Morning

Last night I called Dell Tech support again, trying to find out what I'm gonna have to do to get Pinkie the laptop on the net. Studio 15 models from Dell only have an ethernet port, and a broadband card - which I've fought with enough to last me a lifetime. I decided I'd try to connect it to dialup to get everything registered, but when I went to check on what modems are on my compy, I realized they only installed the useless Verizon broadband card.

Of course the tech support woman couldn't understand what I was trying to tell her - it doesn't matter if I have a dozen pre-installed dialup net programs on the system, if there is no telephone modem inside, it's not going to connect to the net. Who hires these people anyway? *_* I figure my options are to 1.) find a USB external modem, 2.) get a USB mobile adapter, or 3.) get DSL in the house. Well, spank a duck - I called AT&T today and ordered DSL.

Don't all of you faint at once, ok?

Anyway, how well this performs remains to be seen. The technician should be here sometime in the afternoon on Friday. I'll post more about that as thing develop. In the meantime, Old Silver is choogling along - the screen fritzes every so often - just enough to drive me bonkers. Hopefully, I can put her out to pasture (at least not have to use her so often) after Friday.

So where the heck did this week go? I totally missed Monday and Tuesday. Well, ok. I admit I got busy cleaning out the laundry room - all hubsters tools and junk. That's all now in the shed. I had oldest take some old chairs out there too. Monday I worked on my freebie, worked some on a friend's wip, and yesterday I bundled up TONS of promo bags. I gathered all my packages together too - contests prizes and BWB mail outs - to be sent out this week. Gotta get them out of here before the Mini beast gets to them. I also took out all the CDs and DVDs we have on our hallway shelf that don't have covers and I printed up some sleeves for them. Now they are all organized. The laundry is caught up now too. I guess it's safe to say it's been a busy week.

Tomorrow I have to send in the deposit for Oldest's class ring. And on Friday I have to mail his deposit for the prom. Good it that time already? *_* I'm excited for him though.

Tonight I have a long writing night planned. I didn't do much writing yesterday, but I managed to get a page or two in. I'll have to make up for that tongith. Then Monday of next week, I'll do an initial print up of the wip to see where I stand. *thumbs up*

That's about it for now. I hope you all had a snazzy Wednesday!

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