Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Brain Drivel 1.0


Alrighty then. I spent far too much time yesterday looking through the CD library for one particular album, so I could listen to one particular song. I know I bought the CD, and it has probably ended up in the Jeep at some point which is sort of like No Man's Land - they may return, they may not. So after giving myself a migraine looking for Robert Miles' Dreamland, I decided I'd kill off the rest of my brain cells trying to download Children off of Amazon. With a dialup connection, no less. A seven minute song. Yes, by the time the song made it into my media player library, I had smoke rolling out of my ears. Egads. Give me two weeks and I'll probably stumble across the CD by accident. Ya know, just because that's the way things are.

I have so much to do today, I don't really know where to start. Well, ok. I do know where to start - by actually doing some of it. But doesn't it make sense to sit and stare at it a while before you actually attempt to get on the list? Know thy enemy and all that jazz?

Anyway, I have the youngest (now the Oldest and Only-est) furbaby staring at me for some denti-mint kibble bones - and we're out. Mini is whining on me for strawberry milk - and we're out. Oldest is out of Poptarts and swore this morning that I don't loves him anymore because we don't have any. And dagnabbit, but I'm out of printer ink. Again. I swear, the Lexmark Z25 printers are ink VAMPIRES the rate they go through black ink. Print two documents on better quality and that automated voice pops up on my computer: "Black ink is low". Fuh-wha?! No, really. It never fails. I've only bought 3 ink cartridges over the last 2 months. They're vampires, I tell you! *shakes fist* But then, I digress... I need to run to the store, and I just don't wanna. (But I will. 'Cause mom's do that and such.)

Once we're back home from shopping, it's back to the grind. I wrote a little on my story last night and rounded out the ending. Now I'm digging back in toward the middle to try and shape it into something more coherent and chronological. I don't know how this story got so out of whack, but there's all this toned stuff on both ends of the story, and a very, very flabby middle. I gotta shape that up because as much as I hate it - I'm ready to be finished with this story. I still haven't met the word count yet, but the love scenes aren't in place yet, and I came up with a scene last minute that I decided to add in there. So, I guess I better break out the putty knife, post-its, hot glue gun, and spackle to fill in the gaps on this puppy. She's leaking from every angle. :/

Goal for the day: 2k words, or roughly 10 pages. I'm never going to finish this thing if I don't force myself to do it. What are those famous words? Stop being and author and write the d@mn book! That's exactly what I need to do. That way I can give the wip a rest, and start cleaning up the fallen angel story for submission. It's finished and staring at me from across the room. Oh, yes it is. I'd be full of happy skippy thrilled kinda joy if I managed to get that one out of the house before Xmas.

So there it is, my plans for the day. I hope you all have a far more exciting agenda. Happy Tuesday!

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