Friday, September 12, 2008

Bracing for Ike

Good grief but I'm ready for hurricane season to be over! We're bracing for the Ike. It's going to curl right up over Texas and cut a path right over the top of us. We've stocked up on water and canned goods, and we've taken all the chairs out of the yard in preparation.

Already the winds were gusty today, and there have been power crews all over the place cutting tree limbs away from the power lines. I took Mini over to his grandparents house, and when we got back I noticed the turtle sandbox cover - which is a large plastic "shell", not some teeny weeny thing, was blown across the yard. I picked it up and put it in the back of my Jeep so it wouldn't be blown away. :S

I've got the dishwasher going now, and I've been getting Mini's toys out of the floor and doing as many household chores as I can to prepare. If I have to be without lights, I prefer to be without lights in a clean house.

Today's picture is from hubby's cell phone. He took this while he was at work. Gusty winds indeed. In the background you can see a tornado funnel forming. Loooovely.

That's it for me! It's almost midnight. I'm going to go take over the living room for a while and read. Happy weekend, everyone!

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