Saturday, September 06, 2008

Book Giveaway and Life in General

Lonely Companion

We're home again, and things have finally gotten back into some semblance of order after Hurricane Gustav. The lights were off until Wednesday afternoon late, and due to all the wet weather and getting stuck in the alternating hot/cold weather we now have a cold going around the house. All of us have it - at once! It's got to be a family record or something, but anyway, I digress....

There is a lot going on here at Casa de Zane. I've been hard at work on my upcoming October freebie for the Midnight Moon Cafe, as well as preparing prizes and cool contests for our Octoberfest celebration. You do not want to miss us this October. Just looking through our calendar of events thrills me - this party is going to rock!!

I have a lot of new projects on the table. First there is the October freebie, but I also have a new Werekind novella wandering about in the submission wilderness that I hope to hear back about in the next few months. I'm also polishing a fallen angel story and trying to get it ready for submission by November. And last but not least, I'm working like a mad woman to polish and patch what I hope will that will by my first full length contemporary romance. I'm hoping these projects will round out my 2008 writing year.

On with the contest news!

The Clearing out The Bookshelf Contest is at an end. Thanks to everyone who entered on the blog and through email! All your names have gone into my magical name drawing ball cap, and with no further ado, I'll pick some winners. *drum roll*

First Prize (winner will receive five books and a motherload pack of bookmarks) goes to:


Second Prize (winner gets a free book and a HUGE pack of bookmarks and cards) goes to:

Gautami Tripathy!

Third Prize (winner gets a free book and a HUGE pack of bookmarks and cards) goes to:

Cathy McDonald!

Congrats to all the winners!
*confetti* *confetti* *confett*

Please email me at corazane @ (without the spaces) with Book Prize Winners in the subject line. Please include the snail mail address where you'd like your prize packages to be sent.

A special thanks to everyone who participated! I will be running a contest similar to this in November, and will announce it at the Cora Zane Newsletter Group and here at my blog, so please keep checking back for another chance to win!

That's about all the news for me today. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Thanks for the contest! Congratulations to the other winners too!

  2. Congratulations, Gautami! Thank you for visiting. :)


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