Thursday, September 11, 2008

Be My Shelter


So it's been a quiet day. I put up a spoiler/review of sorts of awesome, fantastic, action from page 1, sexy, historical paranormal romance The Cursed One by Ronda Thompson up over at eHarlequin. God bless her, but she is missed. If you haven't read The Cursed One, I highly recommend that book. It is top notch got-werewolf sexy. Mm...mmm!

I spent the rest of the day avoiding writing reading and trying my best to get into a different book, this one a contemporary romance that I started reading several days ago. I'll admit I'm having a terribly hard time getting into this book - not because there is anything truly wrong with it, I'm just not a fan of books with a goodie two shoes heroine in them. Sure, I like good gals, but "she who can do no wrong" heroines grate my nerves after the first few pages. And this one is overkill. Do you know what kind of heroine I'm talking about?

I'm very respectful of other writers, and I understand the hard work and heart that goes into writing a book. It takes a lot to set me off on the whole Mary Sue thing. But I do have my breaking point. I'm talking that heroine who is ALL OF THESE THINGS at one time: hardworking yet poor (and refuses to accept any kind of help/charity, has a brilliant job (even though she's dead broke or making no money), is taking care of someone /or someone depends on her in a way she can't and wouldn't dream of refusing. She is adorably cute and/or supermodel gorgeous and yet she's completely unaware of it, is world-wise and assured of her own future (she's only 19) - oh, and she acts and dresses like an old maid with the modesty of a Victorian virgin. She also has a tendency to get her knickers in a twist over everything a man says to her, and yet is somehow blind to the fact that the one man she is planning to marry doesn't love her and/or is using her for personal gain of some kind. And of course, she is then paired with the crotchety, "I'm snarly and need no one" hero, who is her boss/ex-lover/secret enemy of some family member. And when she first meets him, she somehow manages to look past the fact that he's a TOTAL DICK and falls madly in love with him.

*sigh* This girl doesn't need a man, she needs hardcore lessons in reality. She probably also needs to be on medication.

Yes, the book is that bad. And no, I'm not naming titles or authors. I'm trying to read it due to the fact I bought the darn thing, but I swear to the powers that be, if this girl ends up with a secret baby on top of all this "sweet and innocent" clutter, I may just boycott this line of books altogether - save myself the torture of stumbling across another gem like this one. Anyway, I'm going to make one more attempt to read this book, and if it doesn't work this go around, it's going into the donation bin.

So enough, ranty-rant. That wasn't my intention when I came on here, but I guess that's what reading a bad book can do for you. Sort of like those "side-effects of hunger" commercials. Remember those?

Speaking of Hunger, I watched that today. The Hunger. I'd forgotten just how cool and ahead of it's time that movie really was. Hm...

I've been watching the updates on Hurricane Ike. The last storm that passed through this area ended up washing heavy winds and rains over us with the spin off. I've got my fingers crossed that we won't have any more power outages. :/

It's almost midnight and I'm superdy tired. So off to bed with me. I hope you all had a snazzy Thursday. Let the official count down to Friday begin!


  1. Oh, Cora, stay up and watch the news. It's coming your way. Be safe.

    What happened to Ronda Thompson. I've been looking for the others in that series.

  2. And I quit on a very very famous author today. I had listened to the first one, reversing it several times, finally making it to the end. Started on the sequel and said, I don't care how much I used to like her, I can't do this! Her writing has become her own cliche that I hope editors aren't comparing us to.

  3. Marley, we've been battening down the hatches. Judging by the maps, it's going to come right over the top of us. Hubby was at work and took a picture of a tornado funnel forming with his cell phone. :S I'm hoping the winds won't be too bad and that the light fairy will somehow manage to keep our power on!

    As for Ronda Thompson, she died of cancer last year. :*(

  4. BTW, it's hard to turn off the internal editor once we start honing our craft, isn't it? LOL! I catch myself editing while leisure reading all the time. It's really hard to put down that mental red pen. *_*


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