Saturday, August 02, 2008

Weathering the Caffeine Free Plains

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So I switched to decaf. *twitch* Not coffee, but cola. Mini is a little sneak, and every chance he gets he'll nab one of my cans of Diet Dr. Pepper and run off with it to glut in a corner on drinkable gasoline for children. Egads. So, I decided to try and stop the carnage accidental injestion of caffeine by a toddler and started buying Caffeine Free Diet Dr. Pepper.

OMFG the headaches.... :P Yesterday I woke up with a screaming migraine and the world was determined to race along full steam. Mini hit the floor running, the dog saw me and went bananas because he wanted out. I finally got things settled enough to pour a cup of coffee to try and kill the headache - oh, yes, even then I knew what it was from - but by the time I sat at my computer, I found The Note from hubby with a mile long list of things he needed me to do.


So, instead of waiting until I'm awake and my headache is gone, I started balancing the checkbook to get ready for what looked like a full day of errands. The whole time I'm trying to situate the bills Mini keeps taking the calculator, setting things on my desk and crawling into my lap. I'm about to take care of a particular cr.card bill, one that has all those advanced checks in it, that you have to shred before you can throw anything away? Well, I'm in the midst of shredding the toss in checks when Mini tells me he wants juice. "Ok, Mini, I'll get it..." "Juice, Mimi, juice! I need juice!" I'm thinking so do I, at this point. :P

I get up to pour his juice and get back to the computer to find the cr.card bill has disappeared. I spend 10 minutes looking for it, before I figure out during all the chaos, climbing, and whining, I have shredded the bill along with the advance checks. @#$&!!!

That was just the starting point of the day. My horoscope - the one that comes to my inbox everyday - was literally "Don't touch anything! It will break!" OMG, they were dead on. I could've weathered it better I'm sure if only I'd had caffeine! How sad for me, really, but there it is.

I'm on day 2 of caffeine free cola. I feel a bit like a zombie this morning, but the crazed look in my eyes has apparently clued in the kids to leave me alone. They are in their rooms doing their thing - toys for Mini, bigger toys (laptop) for Oldest. Ah, quiet Saturday. Let it last!


  1. I have a whole ton of sympathy for you and your getting off caffeine. I had to break the habit of caffeine filled cola due to stomach problems. Fortunately the headaches will go away when your body adjusts.

  2. OMG! Poor honey! I drink a lot of herbal tea and they help when you first go off caffeine.

    I posted today about black candles and dispelling negativity. I think I've been swimming in a veritable sea of negative energy lately. Whew. No wonder my arms are sooo tired. LOL
    ((hugs)) And hope your day gets better.


  3. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Whew, you sound stressed, Cora. I hope the weekend got better and you've come to your senses.

    You need CAFFEINE!!

    I gave it up once but after a year of doing without I decided I hadn't gained anything positive from the experience except proving my willpower.

    Been drinking a half a pot a day ever since.

    Good luck, girlfriend.

  4. Ellen, I've counted three headache days, and it's getting better. So I've got my fingers crossed that the worst of it is over. Cass, I didn't even think about herbal teas. I guess I could've gone that route. ~_~"

    Marley said: You need CAFFEINE!!

    LOL!! I agree. I do. I need it terribly. I did a cold turkey to cut out drinking caffeine sodas, and I gave up coffee in the process. OMG. Beloved I've missed thee....

    I allowed myself ONE cup of coffee this morning (Tuesday) and holy Jesus I am WIRED. *_*


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