Monday, August 04, 2008

Trudging On Through

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Sunday morning very early, a thunderstorm rolled in. Mini climbed up in bed with me and the hubster, and for a few minutes we watched the lightning before the power flickered then went out.

For what is probably the first time in I don't know how many years, I didn't have a spare candle anywhere. Oldest managed to dig out an ancient box of emergency stubs and I lit two and put them on a tray in the kitchen. Oldest took one to his room. It was hot and muggy, so I opened the front door to let in the air, but couldn't leave it long because the wind was so blustery. It toppled our iron rocking chair out front, whipped the lid off Mini's turtle sandbox, and dumped over our bin we have for recycling cans.

Hubby slept through most of it, and I had Oldest call into Entergy to find out when the power would be restored. At around 2 in the morning, they said it would be 8 am. However, by the time 8 am rolled around, they were saying it would be midnight before everything was up and running again.

We can't stay without A/C for very long. It's been getting into the hundreds on a daily basis. Far too hot to safely go without any kind of cooling. Too, with the humidity, it makes the heat feel like it's pressed against your skin. Sort of a hot, damp compress all over your body. That is what the humidity is like this time of year. Unbearable. I've been to other states and was amazed at how cool it felt even when the temperature was in the upper 90s. Nothing like here at home. Anyway, we packed up the kids and went to stay at my parent's house.

Hubby was find at first, but as the day wore on I could tell he was ready to be back home. Mom and dad bought fried catfish take out, and we ate that for lunch. Good stuff. After that, we piled up in front of the tv and watched Finding Nemo with the kids. Really, it was very comfortable, but sometimes it's hard to rest or be easy when you're away from home and things are out of sorts.

Mini played until he was walking around whining he was so tired, and hubby kept calling in to Entergy for updates. Mini wouldn't take a nap because he was too restless. If Oldest was affected in any way, I couldn't tell. I was in a constant state of distress because Mini and hubby were distressed.

Around 5 pm we got a call from Entergy that the lights had been restored, and hubby packed up and went back to the house to check. He called me from there to give me the thumbs up, and I wrangled the kids into the Jeep, hugged the parents good bye, thanked them for the hospitality, and we came home.

Home, sweet, home. I love it, dustbunnies and all. :P

Today started the back to school shopping. I think the kids are scheduled to go back on the 12th; that's the date I've heard anyway. Whatever it is, I'm ready. I am soooo ready.

I picked up a planner for Oldest since usually that's the first thing that they run out of. Every year, it's somewhere around October before I can actually get my hands on one. Hubby picked up his gym uniforms and this coming Friday I need to get a few sets of polos and khakis. It will come together, little by little. *watching dollars fly out of my hands*

So that's my Monday - catching up from the weekend. My computer is coughing and sputtering to the point it's disrupting things now. It's shut down on me three times while trying to post this. :S Looks like I'm going to have to put in a call to Dell this week. Foo, and I wanted more time to shop between brands.

Oh! One more thing! I have an interview out today. :) Ann Lory has been so kind to add me as a featured author for her August newsletter. It's available now for download on her website at Lots of cool, writer related questions in there, as well as cool excerpts from her latest books. Don't miss it!


  1. I admit I'm a cranky one when the heat gets too intense. I can't sleep. I can't move. I get unbearable. So I sympathize. I'm so glad you guys got the power back and all is well!

  2. Thanks, Isabelle. It's great to be home, and back under the A/C. ^_^


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