Saturday, August 09, 2008

Saturday Writing Break


It's almost 1pm, so I'm taking a short writing break. Whew! Mini is playing with legos and watching Sunny Patch Friends on Noggin. Hubby had to work, and Oldest took off to Shreveport with his buddy in the convertible. Sooo...I'm writing and sorting through wips and old papers.

I'm still getting things together to make the computer shift. I found several old disks full of old manuscripts, some I'd been looking for but could never find the papers for. So I was relieved to find the disk copies. I have an external floppy drive on the way to me, so I can access them. Two of these archived mss could very well be tweaked and sent off to the Harlequin Undone line. I'm going to take a peek at them and see what's worth saving and what isn't.

Last night I got the OMGICBIGTFAQ wip up to about 54k words, then found a huge slush pocket in the center of it and had to delete it back down to 52k. Good grief! One step forward, two steps back? Still, I think the story is worth saving. I'm sure if I get it all together I can find a home for it somewhere.

So, in the process of moving this all over, I'm finding so many potential wips in various states of completion. I think I need to make a list of the ones worth finishing and check them off as I go. Maybe knock them out one at a time and retire the ones that aren't workable. I hate seeing so many story ideas go to waste. Then again, you can only work on one at a time. Prioritize, Cora. Prioritize.

My copier printer arrived yesterday, and I moved the box into my office. I don't plan to open it or test it until the laptop arrives. I don't want to go through setting it up twice. It's far larger than I thought it would be. *_* And here I was thinking all the hardware/tech stuff was getting smaller!

Anyway, that's my day. Writing, pacing, playing with Mini, and waiting for hubby. He gets off work at 3 this afternoon, then there's the whole hour drive to get home. Lots I can do between now and then, so I guess I better get on it.

Happy Saturday, everyone!


  1. I got the OMGICBIGTFAQ wip up to about 54k words, then found a huge slush pocket in the center of it and had to delete it back down to 52k.

    You only cut 2K? That's all? That's not a huge slush pocket, Cora! That's a normal day for me, LOL.

  2. Hey! Cutting 2K? That's small potatoes. :)

  3. I love reading through my notes on old projects that fizzled. Ya know, I think with a little graveyard dirt and a shiny quarter, I can resurrect some of these old wips. Hmm...

    "She said he said they would, but no, he didn't."

    Er...maybe not. LOL.

    Happy writing, chica.

  4. Eh gads, Leah, those 2k felt like sawing an arm off. Seriously. It took lots of work to wheelbarrow that puppy over 54k. Now I'm back down to 52k again. ROFL!!

  5. Ann! How was your vacation, lady? *hugs*

  6. ROFL, Cass!! My old stuff is like that too, but it's passable enough for a first draft - that will have to be rewritten. :)


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