Thursday, August 21, 2008

Quickie 1AM Post

A Peaceful Resting Spot, Fairchild Botanical Garden. Features in autdoors, 8-18-08

It's about 1:20AM, but I'm still awake - barely. Brain function optional, but I'm sitting upright.

I had a fairly peaceful Wednesday, and tried to make up for missing so much writing on Tuesday. I also paid a few bills and sent them off, and spent a bit of time reading with Mini.

I stopped by the Harlequin Nocturne chat earlier tonight and popped in and out of there for about thirty minutes - of course, I go to chat and this is when Mini wants to go to bed. You never deny a toddler that request. ^_^ Ready for nite nite? Why sure Mimi will take you! He hasn't had a nap in two days, so when it's time for "nap nap" as he calls it, he means business.

Once Mini's head touched the pillow he was out. I came back to the chat about fifteen minutes before it was over, but at least I had a chance to chit a chat and find out what books would soon be coming out. Afterward, I cleaned the kitchen, put on a load of laundry and sat with Oldest for a while. He wanted me to show him how I've been organizing my index cards.

Everyone was gone to bed around 10:30, so I took my index cards and Old Silver (aka the laptop) to the living room, set up a quiet movie in the DVD player and did a bit of writing. I am now down 3 index cards. I'm now five (5!!!) cards away from finishing the rough draft for my novella. *chicken dance* I gotta hand it to the Holly Lisle index card method for plotting. Seriously.

It's after 1:30 now, so I better hit the sack. Hubby has to be up at 3 to leave for work. There truly aren't enough hours in the day... I better get some sleep while I can.

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