Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A New Precious This Way Comes

After three reboots this morning before I was actually able to stay on the net, I gave in and called Dell. I ordered a Studio notebook with a 15 inch screen, 4 GB hard drive, Microsoft Office for small business, backlit keyboard, built-in broadband card, GPS tracking if stolen, finger print security scan, and a 3 year virus/firewall and warranty. No kidding. It is also scald your retinas flamingo pink. Thusly, I say, ze laptop vill match mine cell phonen. :P

If I can't write a book on that, nothing can help me. At the price I paid, they should have included an onboard pixie to sprinkle rainbow dust across the screen at my command, and edit my rough drafts for me. Instead, I got an additional discount on a copier/printer so I won't have to run to the post office anymore for copies.

Overall I'm relieved to have it on the way. Now to just wait for them to build and send it. Last time I think it took around 3 weeks? The lady gave me a tentative date of September 7th. My copier/printer should be sent out sometime this week.

At least now I won't be computerless should My Precious (Silver version) bite the dust.

On to other things... This week at the Midnight Moon Cafe, Deborah Cook will be joining us for a Midnight Brew to tell us about the awesome dragon warrior shifters in her new Dragonfire series. Her latest release, Kiss of Fury, (Book 2 in the Dragonfire series) comes out today. It's a must read!

Also, a big round of YAY!! to all my fellow Weirdly 2 authors for another great review. This time it's 4.5 Tombstones over at Bitten by Books!

Happy Tuesday, everyone. :)


  1. Congrats on the new laptop. I just got a Dell [older model reconditioned by my hubby for me] but I'm loving it. Having been tied to my desktop forever, it's nice to be free and it is helping my writing so far.

  2. Congrats on escaping your desktop, Jenn! That is a skill I'd seriously like to have - being able to recondition computers.

    I've been happy with Dell; they're quite sturdy. And doesn't portability absolutely rock? :)

  3. Sweet!

    Mine own precious just died this past weekend. *sob* So I'm saving my pennies now...

    HOT pink?


  4. Hi Gwen! It's great to see you here! *waves*

    I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your precious. I hope you're able to replace it very soon. Speaking of saving pennies, Dell has a back-to-school sale going on. It might be worth a look??

  5. Hi Cora! *waves*

    I don't know how you slipped under my radar for so long. You're a DIVA! Teehee.

    Umm... the sale WOULD be worth a look if I weren't so hopelessly in love with Macs. They've ruined me for other computers.

    Thanks though, and I'm adding you to my blogroll/reader so I can keep up from now on. =)

  6. Waaaaaaaah! Blogger ated my comments? =(

  7. Whoohoo! I never thought to get all those 'security' items on my laptop from Dell. Hope it works wonderfully for you! :-)



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