Monday, August 11, 2008

If I could be anywhere this morning...

Bangor Area Lake 7 Enhanced

It's rainy and gray out this morning, and I thought for sure hubby would be rained out today at work. I text'd him a little earlier, and he wrote back saying that they hadn't gotten even a sprinkle out there. Ho hum. So, I made a pot of coffee, wrapped up in MiniBeast's Lightning McQueen fuzzy blanket, and sat down at the computer to work a bit.

Yesterday, I tackled a heap of laundry and somehow managed to get all my notecards written up and lined out the way I want them. I wrote 2k words, and now know the direction of this story from beginning to end. All I have to do now is write in the bits that aren't finished. I closed 3 gaps yesterday, then set out and worked on the new sections and got in that 2k.

Today it should be interesting to see how I'll keep the kids occupied. I'd planned to write this morning, and by the afternoon, take the kids to my mom's so I can move all the furniture out of the 3rd bedroom.

I'm doing this so I can switch rooms with Mini. He'll have my office for a bedroom, and I'll be taking the haunted room that I couldn't get either kid to sleep or play in. *sigh*

Anyway, if I'm going through all the trouble of taking the furniture out, I plan to paint and redo the tile while I'm at it. I've picked out a bright white paint, and plan to put up John Deere trim for Mini to make it more fun looking for him. We aren't really farm folks, but Mini has this thing for tractors and cars and trucks and - oh, boy stuff. Wheels and engines, and vroom vroom. That sort of thing :P

Hubby mentioned putting up Lightning McQueen (cars) border, but I told him I'd do it if he would be the one to change it out in 2 years when Mini outgrows it and something else comes up that he likes. Eh, that changed Hubby's mind. I figure the John Deere will stand the Mini Beast growth test. It works for a little tyke, and works for an older child. At about 8 or so, I imagine he'll come to me and ask for what he wants on the walls, and at that point I'll haul him up to Lowe's and we'll pick out something special.

Whew, some tangent, huh? ^_^ I can hardly wait to get all my writing stuff back into an office again. A place I can take my writing in there and shut the door. LOL! It will make good for those deadline weekends where I'm really in a crunch to finish.

Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. Oh yeah! I would be right there next to ya, sipping my tea and feeding the fishies. Not actual fishing, mind you, lol. But simply rolling dough and cheese balls and throwing them into the lake and watching the fish go crazy for my treats.

    If it wasn;t so much effort, I'd get Koi. Who says you can't pet a fish? LOL.

  2. I hear ya, sister! I'll drag up another chair. ^_^

    Hubby has talked about getting koi, but it does seem like a lot of effort. After our last fish we had, though, I told the guys NO MORE. They buy them for themselves, but I end up taking care of them. Koi are gorgeous, but I can see myself fretting and driving myself crazy with worry over their habitat. :S


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