Monday, August 18, 2008

I Can Has Monday


Ah, Monday... Hubby is at work and I sent Oldest off to school today. Oldest informed me last night around 10 pm that he wants to pack lunches this year, and I guess that's fine with me, but it might've been nice to know yesterday - when we actually went grocery shopping. It looks like I'm going to have to go back to the store today - again - for something like the eighth day in a row. Sheesh!

I happy to report I met my weekend writing quota. I'm down another two index cards with my wip. Woot! I hope to be worked through most of them by the end of this week, but if not, I guess I'll survive. It will just mean another week before I can start plotting my freebie for October.

Speaking of writing, yesterday I wrote a whopping 20 pages! I haven't had a writing stretch like that in at least 10 years. No kidding. I usually hit the 5 page mark and I can't think of a single thing to continue writing about. I have to put things away and read for a while, or go on about chores or something. Too bad the progress wasn't on anything pressing. All the same, it's a project I love and it felt like I'd accomplished something when I shutdown my laptop for the night - er, early morning. Here's hoping I have more writing stretches like that again soon - no ten year gaps between.

The gang and I received another review for In the Gloaming this morning. This one was really good, much better than the last.

Absolutely Magical! This book is made for those of us who still believe. These enchanting stories are filled with evil, good, fairies, elves and even trolls. All the tales are different but compliment each other well. These authors did an amazing job to keep the stories fresh and unique and no story is the same. These fabulous stories will stay with you for a long time. A phenomenal read.
~~ Wateena, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

Coffee Time Romance has broken the book down story by story and reviewed each. So there is a review for At the Edge of Twilight HERE:

That's it for me today. It's nearly 9am, and I gotta get the laundry started. Also, the dog doesn't know it, but he's getting a BATH today. I'm sure that will result in significant drama. *sigh* Another Monday...


  1. Woohoo! 20 pages! That's amazing. And now I'm jealous. And what a great review too - you're on a roll.

    And don't you just love how kids wait to the last minute to tell you their decisions - after the point you can do anything about it? *sigh* I'm also jealous yours are at school. Mine don't don't go back until after Labour Day and then only one of them leaves. *bigger sigh*

  2. Anonymous8:42 PM

    It's not just kids. I come home from making a trip to Walmart and the grocery store eighty miles away and CFM says, hey, next time you go to Walmart.......grrr

  3. That is a lot of pages for one day. I still wonder how the novelists maintain a continuity in their thought since it is a age long process to write one!

    Or maybe you write & then rewrite! :)

    I stick to writing poetry since it is short crisp & precise & I sometimes write as any as for in a day if I am inspired enough & feel that I have not yet got it all out of me!

  4. LOL, Leah! It's in the kid's handbook, I think - the last minute thing. And the sad part is that school is picking up on it. They're all the time sending home things that say, We need candy tomorrow! Or, We need fees in by Thursday! Geez, where's the advance notice? LOL!!

  5. Marley! That's too funny. My hubby is guilty as well. Hehehe! It's not unusual for him to call me from work, "Hey, hon, if you go to Walmart today..." Which pretty much means: Please go to the store and pick this up.

    LOL! ^_^

  6. Hi Mona! Welcome! :)

    Four in a day! I've never been very prolific with poetry. I've written it from time to time, but it doesn't come to me as easily as story writing.

    Twenty pages is very rare for me; I usually only get out about five pages a day - a little over 1000 words.

    And yes, I do a lot of rewriting - but never during the first draft. I'd never get anything finished if I did that.


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