Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Oldest!

big rocks in front of cedar falls

My baby is 17 today. Waaah!! Happy birthday, Oldest! *sniffles*

I feel much better, but I'm still not 100%. I spent the day on the couch again yesterday, and my mom came over to set up a party for me. Today we do the same. Mom's picking up Oldest's cake because I still can't ride in the car, and unless some massive recovery takes place, I won't be able to go with him on the birthday rounds: Japanese restaurant, mall/shopping, and movie :with him and hubby.

Sick + Baby growing up too fast = emotional crying jags

Next week, I have to pick a health insurance that takes pre-existing conditions and make an appointment with a specialist. My bank account is groaning already. But I can't go around with backaches and unbearable leg pain. The not able to get around part is the worst. The time has definitely come to face the doctor! ~_~'

..::Help Me Clear Out My Bookshelf Contest::..

Starting Monday, September 1st, I'm clearing out my bookshelf! I've read a string of books over the week while resigned to the couch, and with the stack now transferring from bookshelf to the top of my dresser I have to find new homes for these books!

There are five books in all, paperbacks, previously (gently!) read. All you have to do is come by next week and post in the comments here on my blog for your chance to win a book. Easy peasy! Each day I'll post the book cover and blurb, so you'll know exactly what book is for the daily prize. There will be a prize winner chosen and posted here at the CZ blog daily around 10pm CST. Along with each book I'll include a neat prize pack filled with author bookmarks, magnets, cards, and other goodies. Don't miss it!


So I'm about to hobble back to the couch and read with Mini. I wonder if there is a physical record, like, the number of times you can read Danny and the Dinosaur to a child before your brain goes into meltdown and you curl up into a smoking husk?

(BTW, no, Danny and the Dinosaur isn't included in next week's contest. Mini would never forgive me. It's his favorite book!)

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! ^_^


  1. Lordy! Cora, I so sympathize with your predicament. Get better, girl! Try focusing on your pain and imagining it healing. Many folks think such things are goofy, but the power of the mind can do amazing things. And it's cheaper, LOL!

    I also relate to your older boy turning 17. I have one who turns 18 the first part of October, and two more who turn 18 in April and May. Makes me feel old...ACK!

    Btw, will send you an email in a few minutes....

  2. Hi Faith, they grow up so fast, don't they? On Oldest's birthday I was on the couch all day, and while he was at school I boo hooed about my baby growing up. *sigh* Not only that, sick, and everything else, I now feel old as dirt. And it won't be long before Mini starts kimmi-garden as he calls it. ~_~'

    I'm going now to check my email!


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