Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Entergy and Piddling Rain

Roaring Fork 2006

Yesterday morning Mini got up at the crack of dawn and we migrated to the den. We curled up on the couch, and I put on Ni Hao Kai-lan and tried to snooze. About five minutes into the show, the lights began to flicker. And flicker. Geez. I got up and checked the bedroom to make sure the AC came back on in there, but the minute I hit the power button on it, the lights flickered again.

Thinking we were having breaker box issues, I left the AC off in there and went about my day. I made breakfast, straightened the house, and sat down at the computer. The lights go out. *_* Ok, so apparently it's not a breaker box issue.

The lights come on pretty quickly, so I turn everything back on - AC and check to make sure the freezer is still running in the laundry room. Everything is ok, but the lights keep flickering and flickering. Mini and I get dressed and go to the store for a few things.

We get home, and everything is still running - there've been no more outages. I put everything away, get Mini settled and, re-sweep and re-swiffer the floors. I'm just sitting down the computer, and once again, the lights go out. It's around 1pm. I wait, and nothing happens. 20 minutes, 30...still no lights. I finally call Entergy. They won't accept my phone number to allow me to report the outage or to find out the estimated time the power will be back on. I call from the house phone to the same effect and realize Hubby must have added his cell as the primary home number. I call him at work and have him call Entergy. They tell him it will be 4 pm before the lights are back. Well, good grief!

During all this, my parents call me about 4 times. They want me and the baby to come over to wait it out, but I can't make them understand I would have to drive over there for just a few hours, then drive back home, pick up Oldest when he gets off the bus, then drive all the way back over there again. I have maybe a quarter of a tank of gas in the Jeep right now. I tell them I'm staying until Oldest gets home, and if we feel it's too uncomfortable to stay, we'll come over.

Off the phone with them, I get back to trying to keep Mini pacified. I read to him, we played cars, colored with markers, looked at toys online until my battery power ran down, etc. etc. Oldest comes home from school and by that time it's hot inside, so I opened the door to catch a breeze...only there is NO wind!! Not even a slight breeze. :S Oldest comes in and goes straight for the stove to heat up the potluck I have sitting there.

Mom and dad call back and are trying to get us to come over. There's only 10 minutes left til four, I tell them we're going to wait it out a little longer. By now, I'm so exhausted from entertaining Mini (who has had no nap!!!) that I have no intention of going anywhere.

I get off the phone with them and hubby calls. (I'm seriously thinking about turning OFF my phone at this point.) He wants to know what's for supper. My phone starts beeping in and it's dad again - mom told him that we're having issues with our water heater. *sigh* There is like a 20 minute flurry of phone calls that I can barely keep up with AND keep the kids from arguing and whining at each other.

I finally get it all straightened out, the lights come back on (much rejoicing!!!), so I put on the laundry, pick up Mini's toys, then pick up a book to go sit down to read - a real book, a romance (with no damn dancing animals in it!!)

Guess what? The phone rings yet again.

I'm ready to cry at this point. It's hot and I have a headache, and when I pick up the phone it's mom - surprise! "Hi, hon, it's me and your dad again. We are up at the hardware store and we're going to pick up a part for your hot water heater to see if dad can fix it." I appreciate the gesture, I really do, but it's been a long, painful day....

"Mom, can't it wait until tomorrow?" It's late, I'm tired, and it's raining its ass off outside.

She hesitates. "Well, I think your daddy wants to come over and..."

I sigh. No matter what I say, I know they're coming over. I hang up, and call hubby to give him the heads up. I then toss my book on my desk. No point in attempting to relax.

The parents arrive and they are all bubbly and smiley, wanting to play with Mini. He goes from calm to uber hyper in five seconds flat. Gee, thanks, ya'll.

Dad goes to fiddle with the waterheater - I've told him a dozen times it's just plain going out, but I know how it is when you need to see first hand. I tell him, "Knock yourself out."

While he's doing that, and mom is getting Mini uber excited - I know he's going to cry and scream when they leave, and I am seriously thinking of packing him a bag and tossing it in their truck - the very idea of getting him riled up after the day I've had... Instead, I wash dishes, and clear the stuff off the counters, and fold laundry. If I have to entertain, I'm going to do it while doing the effing chores.

They stay for about an hour, then say their goodbyes. I'm just sitting down to relax again when hubby gets home. He ran into my parents at the store down the road, and says mom warned him, "Cora's kind of in a bad mood."


Monday night I worked through 2 more index cards on my wip, but last night I didn't even attempt to write. I answered a few emails and shut it down. After everyone went to bed, I fixed a cup of cocoa and curled up with a book on the couch. Finally! I read the final ten pages of Donna Alward's Falling for Mr. Dark and Dangerous.

Today I have errands to run and things to mail. Plastic report cover! Yikes! I almost forgot to add that to my list. I think Oldest might rail on me if I don't pick that up. Gotta run. Mini just spilled his juice in the living room.

Is it Friday yet?


  1. Oh, honey, Huge hugs. I do not know if I could put up with parents like that. (Then again most people couldn't put up with my parents - who shut me out for 8 years) I totally understand your bad mood. And it's not as if you can turn your phone off - the folks would be showing up on your front door if you did. I seriously think you guys need to set some boundaries. If you could EVER get your mother to listen.

    In the meantime, rant away here anytime. It does serve a good outlet, doesn't it?

  2. "It's late, I'm tired, and it's raining its ass off outside."

    You have some serious one-liners at the most trying of times.

    You've been mother smothered. My mother pops over unannounced sometimes and it makes me nuts; it's not that I don't appreciate her and the fact that she's still with me, it's just that sometimes I just don't have the energy for the show that accompanies her visits, you know? Of course you know.

    So yes, as Leah said, rant away.


  3. It's a great outlet, Leah. Really the only rant-astic one I have. LOL!

    Thankfully this week is almost over. And not a moment too soon... *_*

  4. ROFL, Jenji! One-liners. I never would've thought 'em that way. ^_^


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