Friday, August 15, 2008

Back To School!!

Castle Hooge Vuursche

Yesterday dragged on and on...a total rollercoaster. I went to the store looking for one of the new 25th Anniversary CPKs, and to see if they had gotten in any more of the men's uniform pants in Oldest's size. Of course, the week school is starting, they only have one small rack of mens plain khaki pants - all of the straggling pairs in sizes 46+. *sigh*

I got fed up when they still didn't have the dolls either. They were released for sale on August 1st, for goodness sake. I went around to the magazines and found Oldest and told him "Let's go. We're going to Ruston." So, I got both kids back in the Jeep, dropped by the Circle K for some gas, then off to Ruston.

Ruston is a little college town that is on a criss-cross grid of oneway streets. So, if you miss one street, or misjudge where a store is on Trenton Street, you have to get on the right oneway street and make the block.

Across the interstate on the north side of town, there is more street layout genious in effect. They have all these strip mall type stores and car dealerships, and two little piddling service roads to get to ALL of them. The traffic is insane. To try and ease conjestion, they've been working on the service roads for ... oh, YEARS. They finally made a bridge across the interstate a little further down so you don't have to drive the full length and make the loop between what amounts to two interstate exits. Still, they have the service roads tore to hell and back, and so the traffic bottlenecks over there. I HATE driving on that side of town. Really, I do. I'd rather drive through New Orleans than N. Ruston.

Anyway, I'm drifting into the turning lane to go on the north service road, and Oldest is arguing with Mini, a woman is driving in front of me like Grandma Moses and if she'd just go a little faster we could make the turn before a mile long grouping of traffic comes through the green light. I go to turn in, and I realize the entire right lane of the service road has been barrelled off. So, I creep at a sludge pace up the road to Walmart behind Ms. Moses, and by this time I'm ready to swat the kids with a rolled up newspaper to shut them up.

"Oldest, do you realize you're arguing with a three year old?"

He pauses a second, but is otherwise unphased. Sheesh.

I get in there, and I see why our store has NO uniform pants. This store has them all! And on sale too! ^_^ I grabbed every pair in Oldests size and tossed them in the cart. Then over to the toy section, and OMG - it's torn to smithereens. They're doing a complete restock, and so most of the shelves are completely bare. This is amazing - we are talking about a LARGE store, no four piddling shelves of toys.

I am so bummed. I just know I'm not going to find one of the 25th Anni CPKs. Well, I turn this corner and what do I see...Kids!!! Two, and only two, on a shelf along side play tents and Batman wings. I take down a girl with brown hair and blue eyes and toss her in the cart. She has the prettiest complexion, too. I'm on cloud nine!

From there I take Mini over to the smaller kid toys, and we are looking at a Wow, Wow, Wubzy plush when what do I see? More white boxes. More cabbages! So this is where all the dolls are being sent - to Ruston! I picked through what they had and decided to keep the girl I'd found a few aisles over. My inner shopping beast appeased, I go to the books and round up Oldest, and take the guys over to the donut case. I pick out a variety of specialty and filled gems, and we check out.

Out in the Jeep again, I go through the donuts and take one of the creme filled ones I'd picked out for Mini. The donuts are iced with yellow glaze, and have chocolate smiley faces on them. I wrap it in one of the tissues, and hand it back to him. OMG, the drama that ensues. We are leaving Ruston, and the boys argue the entire way. Oldest INHALED his donut in seconds flat, and Mini doesn't want to eat his. He wants to "keep it".

"It's happy," he says. "I can't eat it!"

Why, yes, my kids are mental. Apparently. :P

I glance back at Mini, and he's got the darn donut sitting on the edge of his carseat, baking in the sun. I can just imagine cream filling (like what's in a twinkie) melting down and oozing all over the seat. This whole time Oldest is trying to "convince" him to eat it. Basically, threatening, "If you don't eat it, Mini, I'm going to!" *sigh*

I pull over at a gas station at the edge of town and look for a newspaper to roll up and smack both kids with. No, I'm just kidding. I get one of the tissues and wrap the donut again - to much wailing and gnashing of teeth - and put it back in the box.

Needless to say, I am darn glad today is the first day of school for Oldest. The house is so QUIET!! ^_^ Even so, it's a bit wierd around here with him gone.

That's about it for me today. I'm off to go write for a while. Oh! One last is the last day for the freebie poll on my sidebar. There's still time to vote! Tonight I'll be closing down this poll and the one over at the CZ Newsletter group and tabulating the results. I'll be writing my October freebie based on the theme with the most votes, so be sure to vote for your favorite!

Have a great Friday, everyone!


  1. "It's happy," he says. "I can't eat it!"

    How sweet! But yes, it could have been a huge mess. And I so remember those days of arguments between my eldest and youngest. Oh, wait, that was this morning.

    And unfortunately my eldest is done with school, and my youngest doesn't go back until after Labour Day.

    Hmm, maybe I'll send you my two for a 'vacation' ;)

  2. That's too funny. I went shopping today too. I drove to Williamsburg with friends and we hit the bookstores. :)
    Have a great weekend.

  3. I took mum shopping Friday. I swear, we all had the same idea. If its Friday, it must be for shopping! LOL

    Oh, you have to read the funny I posted today at my blog about my shopping trip with mum. LOL


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