Monday, July 07, 2008

Sunny, sunny day


I'm taking a little break before I have to pull up the second part of the chapter I've been cleaning up. I've been editing it for a couple of days now, and I'm trying to get it together to send off to my crit parnter. So far so good.

I worked to a stopping point yesterday afternoon, and went outside for about two hours while I talked on the phone. I am soooo sunburnt today. :P I was out there in my cut offs and "hippie shirt" - which is this empire shaped cotton tank top with that 70s loopy, feather print on it. Well...I now have this perfect, square tan. Two strap lines and an empire line across the bust. Har har. Hubby thinks it's damn hilarious. Don't laugh too loud, sweet cheeks.

So any, yesterday was sooo fun. I spent a couple of hours chatting with my CP, then hubby and I took the MiniBear swimming in the backyard pool. I climbed in with Mini while hubby manned the life guard tower - a lawn chair by the edge. Mini had his water ring, and three "diving squid" toys. Of course, he just wanted to hold onto the squids and ride on my back. We stayed out there about forty-five minutes, until I felt too crispy to bear another minute. It was high drama, but we managed to get Mini back in the house.

I stayed up until about two, working on my own stuff, and checking over something for my CP. Piece of cake. *thumbs up* I sent her stuff off, and stared at the screen until I couldn't see what I was working on anymore, then finally tottered off to bed.

Today will be more of the same - editing the Bite story. I'm about forty pages into editing a 100 pg manuscript. So while it's not going quite as fast as I'd hoped, it's still going. I'm not about to analyze that too much. Don't wanna whammy myself, and all that, ya know?

Oh, before I forget! A review has come in for Weirdly 2 from Cocktail Reviews.

What a great selection of weird and wonderful tales. Weirdly Volume 2: Eldritch is perfect for readers who like a bit of strange. The authors have explored many aspects of our world that could be possible—just that society tells us that it isn’t so. Who really knows if vampires don’t exist? Who can really prove that ghosts and parallel lives aren’t there right under our noses? I prefer to keep an open mind, and on more than one occasion while reading I believed that there is more to this world where we live…we just don’t see it—or have lost the ability to perceive such things for ourselves. ~ Nutty Nana, Cocktail Reviews

They rated us the whole bottle of champagne. Tres cool. For the full review, which has the book broken down by individual stories, visit

That's it for me today. I hope you all have a pleasant Monday!

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    Wish I had a pool. Mind you, with our crappy weather, we'd only get to use it a few times a year. I think our summer has come and gone. All 7 days of it--interspersed with rainy days, of course.



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