Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sorting Through Folders

01 - Brume

My computer has been on the fritz, so last night I began organizing stuff on my laptop to burn to disk. I truly didn't realize just how much junk I had accumulated on this thing since I bought it. Aside from the massive amount of pictures, I found a fair amount of story ideas I'd given the old "fifteen minutes of fame" trick, as well as a handful of books that I'd written near to completion but never made it to the finish line.

Midway through my oraganize-athon, I paused to read over a contemporary I'd started ages ago. I hated the story when I was working on it - probably because there are no fangs or fur in it, to be honest - but going back through it, I discovered the beginning is clean as a whistle. Hmm.... I dragged it to the desktop, because I'm about halfway through a full length book on that one, and it's pretty good. I think I might tap away at it here and there just to see what happens.

On Sunday night I did a brainstorming session for a full length paranormal/fantasy romance single title. I wrote the first scene, which would probably be half the first chapter, and I see a lot of potential and possibilities in the storyline. In other words, I'd have to plot the bejeezus out of it to make sure it didn't end up all over the map. So maybe that's one to just tinker around with and write notes and snippets to compile until I get a concrete idea of what to do with it. It's definitely a keeper; it just needs focus.

Overall, of my old projects, I spared 4. It slims down the "to-do" list tremendously. I'd like to finish at least 1 of these by the end of the year. Hopefully my laptop will last that long. Here is what it looks like when the screen is fritzing:


I don't know if it's truly the ribbon cable going out or what, but it's damn annoying. Of course, my warranty expired this past April, so it's going to cost me bigtime if I end up taking this thing to Dr. Bulldog. :P Just in case, I've been browsing laptops. Please last until Santa comes, my precious...


  1. Ouch Cora! That does not look good! Save everything you can! :-\ Having to get a new precious is going to be costly. I hope all it needs is a need piece or chord or something.

  2. Yeah, a tech guy told me this afternoon it's likely the video card going out, and if not that, then it's the ribbon cable - just like the other guy said.

    I've been backing up my stuff just in case, and well...verily I better gets to hunting for a new precious. :*(

  3. OMG that screen is awful!

    You're about the third person this week who has had computer problems. Must be sun spots zapping us with radiation (that's my excuse anyway).

    And yes, back your stuff up - but make sure if it's an external drive it works too - that's how Marley recently lost a lot of work. Her one month old external drive bit the big one.

  4. Oh no!!! I had no idea Marley'd lost her external h/d. :(

    Something is majorly wrecking electronics at our house. We just replaced 2 air conditioners, a fan, a dvd player, and now my laptop is on the fritz. All this within a month. Solar flares?

    Either way, my precious laptop isn't happy. Hubby is after me to go ahead and get a new one while I'm between books, but I want to shop around first. I'm tempted to go Mac what with Vista causing such PC trauma. Eh, I don't know what I want to do yet.... :S

  5. Ouch, I will keep all digits crossed that your precious can last until Santa gives you a new one.
    Knock on wood, my computer has been running with no problems (of course it is getting rather old- in computer years). I'm with you, I don't want to have to replace it, I don't want to face Vista- the new Word was enough, thanks. :)

  6. Oh no, Cora! :(
    That does look like one sickly computer. I suppose giving it a little feverfew for its migraine won't help, will it?

    Have you considered it could be the work of a teenage poltergeist? I hear they aren't so much into other forms of destruction like in the old days, but electronics are like candy.

    Hmm...burn that black candle girl, just in case!



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