Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Quiet One

Geometric Reflection

I'm not usually one to rant on publishing things, but yeah, I'm a bit miffed right now. After two months of begging and pleading, contacting customer support, contacting my publisher and politely trying to handle my business, Bonding Experience still has no cover up at the Kindle Store.

I usually don't nut-up about stuff like that, but it's not easy to promote a book without a cover. When you try to link to it on some platforms, the "no imagine available" box shows up, or the square with the red x in it, which I'm sure is destined to result in a flood of sales.

Amazon and Kindle support have said they can't do anything about this - such as take one of the customer images I've uploaded and promote it to the "no image available" box like they do with probably 90% of the other product images on their site. Conveniently enough, their "sales help guide" states the importance of having an image up with your product to give it a boost.

I'm thoroughly frustrated with this, and think it is hardly an out of the way thing to ask to have my cover up with the book. The thing is I'm not in charge of who uploads my books at Amazon, and so until Amazon makes it possible for authors to come in after the fact and add their images to replace the "no image available" logo, I have to take what I can get. It shouldn't be this way.

I have wanted a Kindle since they came out, but I can say for certain I won't be buying one until this issue is fixed. Book covers, Amazon, for the author's sake. Show us you care. It's not such a major thing to ask.

On another note, (now that I found a link that's working) I've been following the story about the new and improved! death cult Apocalypse people who are hiding out waiting for the 2012 Mayan end of the world:

I tell ya, I am fascinated by the idea of time running out. I've read about the Mayan calendar ending in 2012, but I was of the understanding that time would simply start over. Sort of how our calendar runs out every year in December and we start again in January. I think of it sort of as Mayan roll over minutes. But that's neither here or there. *_* I'm certain there is a kick ass fiction story in there somewhere, I just know it, so fantasy writers: chop-chop! I wanna read your time-runs-out story!


  1. You know what? The minute I heard the whole drama with Amazon and POD publishers, I swore off the Kindle. I'm going to try a Sony eReader instead.

    That's all I gotta say on that matter. I really hope you get it worked out soon though!

  2. Between the whole POD thing and the whole go Kindle or bedamed thing, I'm not even using Amazon to get book covers for my blog. As for the 2012 thing, Jessica Andersen's Nightkeepers is all about it (and a great read). Good luck with the book cover. :)

  3. Ooooh! Ranty Panties!

  4. I'm thinking about a Sony eReader myself, Isabelle. I need to get off my duff and start checking out different kinds.

  5. Ooh, Ann - thanks. I've written the Jessica Andersen book down for my list. I'm gonna have to go find that!

  6. Penny, yes, ranty panties are essential for every wardrobe! (Although they are not quite as snazzy as power panties!!)


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