Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lots of News and Tidbitty Things

Fernando de noronha

Yikes! I just realized it's Thursday. Well, rats, I hate missing time! (Cora alien abduction?) Anyway, I've spent about 8 hours of the day working on promo pieces to present in a few upcoming RWA giveaways, and to include in a couple of prize packs for the Midnight Moon Cafe's big 2nd year anniversary party which starts tomorrow.

I'm working on CDs that have my freebies on them and I'm making a template for some chap book pamphlets. Whew! Hard work! Now I just need to get to the store for a fresh print cartridge and CD labels.

I was thinking today that it's about time to write another freebie. As soon as I'm finished with my BITE story, I may have to tinker around with some ideas. Maybe a vampire story. Not just hot, but sexyhot. Yes, that's really a word, dammit. (Just don't look it up in the dictionary!) My poor vampires really haven't gotten a lot of attention from me lately. Did you know vampires sulk when you ignore them? Weird but true.

Anyway, if you'd like to have a say in my next free read - scroll down the blog and look at the side bar on your right. I've added a nifty poll so you can tell me what you'd like my next free read to revolve around: vampires, werewolves, pixies or whatever... Go. Click buttons. It's fun! :-)

Anyway, I'm making good progress on my BITE. I plan to sit down this evening and chip away at it a little more. The more I work on it, the more excited I get about the story itself. It's turning out to be sexy and suspenseful. I've always been afraid to try tying in more suspense with my books, thinking it won't always come together at the end, but this one is breaking that mold. Maybe I'm growing a bit as a writer. That's kind of an exciting prospect.

There is an RWA meeting going on in Bossier this weekend, and I'm still debating on whether or not to go. I'd love to be there and take part in the workshop, but I suppose it will break down to whether or not I can get a sitter for Mini for the day. I may just have to spring it as a surprise on mom. ROFL! Sort of a hit and run drop off of the kids. ^_^

Speaking of Kids... Mini. Apple of my eye, and Mimi's little bear. But omg, today - now I should have known he was getting into something, because he'd gotten so quiet, but anyway - I was working on my CD freebies when Mini comes up beside me and drops these brass knobs into the dining room floor. I stare at them in shock. I can't believe what I'm seeing for a minute, but this kid has taken EVERY DOOR KNOB off the entertainment center. With his bare hands! *faint* Needless to say, I was not a very happy mommy. Mini took to wailing because he couldn't keep the knobs, and here I am trying to screw the damn things back onto the entertainment center without a screwdriver. Heaven help me!

Well there is my cue. Got to go break up some drama in the den. I hope you've all had a great Thursday.


  1. That beats my eldest trying to take the door off its hinges by unscrewing one hinge using the screwdriver his daddy had left lying about. (thankfully he couldn't reach the top hinge and didn't have the strength to unscrew one of the three screws on the bottom hinge, but if he could have, he would have.) Then of course there's the youngest's attempts to flush batman down the toilet. So not fun.

    Still, you will look back on this day and laugh, I promise, Cora. And you'll have a great story to embarrass him with when he brings a girlfriend home for the first time.

  2. I'm so excited about your BITES story, Cora! It sounds like it's really coming along nicely.

    Oh Mini... *shakes head* Maybe a day with grandma will do you BOTH good. Ha ha.


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