Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Leaf Dragons

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Today's photo is from webshots. I saw it in the preview images and had to check it out. What a handsome little fellow. Reminds me a bit of a Chinese dragon - gorgeous!

First thing out of bed this morning I called in to the .com and adopted a new cabbage, but it will be about 4 weeks before she gets here...which means he should arrive a week or two before my birthday. Woot! She's a collector's club edition Asian girl with expresso skin and black puff ball hair. I can hardly wait to see her. She's been on my hot list for a while now, and is just too stinkin' cute. Between now and the time she arrives, I'll be hunting for the perfect sailor suit for her.

After the rampant cabbage order this morning and after the initial cabbage "high" wore off, I checked my emails, peeked at my manuscript, then closed it again and looked over at hubby. "What are we gonna do today, babe?" His answer: I dunno.

I declared today an out of the house day, and forced everyone to go change out of their pajamas. Haha! We went to Wally world and I bought the straight-edge paper trimmer I needed. High tech stuff and all that. We also bought milk and a dozen or so other things - stuff we didn't really need. When we came home, I figured that trip would be the exciting point of the day.

Instead, I ended up chatting on the phone for a while with my crit partner, which was fun, and after that, I went back to my desk to peek at my wip again. I'd just read through the first few paragraphs of chapter 4 when I hear someone pull up in the yard. I go and peek out the front door, and it's my godfather. Yip!

The house is a wreck. After a week of hubby, oldest, and at home all day, all three of them at the same time, I have given up trying to keep the bar cleared off. Trying to keep everything spotless with them here is an exercise in futility. Seriously. I'm sure people have been committed to mental facilities for less.

However, this doesn't mean I want my godfather to see the mess. Sooo, I ran to the kitchen swept the dishes into the sink, threw away the empty 2 liter cola bottle on the counter then ran back to unlock the door.

GF totally bypassed me and went looking for Mini. LOL! He brought the little bear some peaches from the orchard. He and Mini chatted over these peaches while playing with trucks in the dining room floor. Hehehehe. GF is 80, and has no grandkids. You can see it whenever you're around him now - he's got "grandpa fever". I recognize it because right before I had Mini, I saw it in my own dad. I'm guessing it's an age some men hit when they're ready to have little ones in the house again. Whatever the case, when my dad hit fifty, he hit "grandpa mode" and I swear there wasn't a week that went by he didn't ask me if I was ever going to have any more children. This went on for about 3 years. Seriously. Dad sulking, wanting to have a little one to chase around out in the yard again. To play legos and trucks with. All that stuff.

"I'm not build like a play-doh factory, dad. I can't just squeeze out a litter of them for you at will."

He'd go home sulking. "I'm never going to get to hold another baby."


He'd watch Special Delivery with mom, and get tuned up over the birth of every baby. Mom would call me at any given hour, "Oh dear, your dad is watching that show again." ~_~'

Needless to say, Mini is the apple of my dad's eye; and Mini is all about it: "Come on, pawpaw. Let's go for a ride in the truck!" - or some other such thing repeated times 50.

But I digress....GF. He has hit that phase. He's ready to play trucks, and watch the kids playing in the yard. I swear, 10 years ago, I didn't understand any of this. It's kind of miraculous to watch, really. So GF and Mini have a caravan of hot wheels scattered in the dining room. I come sit in the computer chair and watch them, and chat with GF. Out of the blue, he asks, "How far is it to your mom's?"

"Oh, about 13 miles."

He sits up. "Let's take a ride out there. I want to see the new house."

It's spur of the moment, and Hubby is napping. But I tell him OK, just give me a minute to call mom. Which I do. And tell her to open the gate for us. Then I slip on my flip flops, find my purse and poke my head in the door to tell Hubby I'm leaving for a while. That gets him out of bed. "Where are you going?"

"On a cruise with Jorge." That, in case you are wondering, is the imaginary lover hubby teases me about from time to time. Hubby follows me into the dining room, and visits with GF while Oldest sets the car seat into the backseat of my Jeep for me.

I take Mini and GF to mom's. Right off, he says how he loves the house and yard. It's really shady and quiet out there. A nice neighborhood. We go in, and he and mom visit for about an hour while Mini stomps through the house - a bull in a china shop. No kidding. I raid mom's fridge while they chat (you never get too old to do that, I swear it's true), and watch The Weather Channel. For the mental stimulation, ya know.

Mom gives GF the grand tour, inside the house and around the yard. I stayed inside under the air conditioning. Heck, it's a 102 in the shade out there! I could see them walking around, looking at the plants mom has put out in the yard. Mini is like a wild horse out there, galloping around. I expected it would be difficult to convince Mini to come back home - he likes to romp at Gram's, and we can't just turn him loose in the yard like you can at mom's. We live too close to the street. But amazingly enough when they came back inside, I told him it was time to go home and didn't have to suffer through the entire apocolypic toddler symphony.

I promised him we'd go swimming when we got home. :P Mom and GF said bye, and I managed to wrangle Mini into the Jeep. He only smacked his head on the car door once with all his dancing around. *sigh* When we got back, GF stayed long enough to give me a hug then he said good bye and left. I took Mini into the house, and put him into his Nemo swimming trunks.

I'm a little sunburnt, but no worse for wear. It was a good day.

That's about all I've got for the moment. It's around 1 am Wednesday morning. I better get some sleep. I need to knock out chapter 4 today because tomorrow hubby and I are having a date day. Woot! We plan to go see Hellboy 2 at the theatres. Bring it on...

Happy hump day, everyone!

Oh! Speaking of HUMP... I nearly forgot to mention it, but I'm part of The L Magazine's Sex Issue this month. The feature runs from July 16 to July 29th. It's available online, and in print format if you live in the NYC metro area.

A few weeks ago I was asked a series of questions about what it's like behind the scenes for someone who writes erotica/romance. The result is a shorty-short interview up along side Nan Wise, The Ethical Slut - sex blogger, Wylie Kinson, Ron Jeremy, and Veronica Viscious to name a few. It's worth a look!


  1. I was about to comment on your line about not being a play-doh machine - loved it, and then I saw your final paragraph. Wylie Kinson and Ron Jeremy in the same line. LMAO I am SO teasing Wylie when I see her at our next meeting! Heck, I'm not waiting, off to send her an email!

    OMG, I just read about some of the mail you get - that's ... well, some of it's downright creepy.

  2. It sounds like a fun and productive day. Those are the best! :) Happy hump day!

  3. Hey Cora... it was nice to see a fellow-blogger in that interview. We're in the same article as Ron Jeremy!! I have no idea WHY that amuses me so much *hee*


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