Sunday, July 20, 2008

The End is Near!

I'm draggin' this morning. I finished up chapter five of the Bites story yesterday and sent it in to my crit partner, then printed out chapter six and started working on it. I was determined not to go to bed until I'd managed a thorough clean up, but after two rounds of going over the same chapter, I couldn't read the words anymore. I wrangled with the last few paragraphs for about an hour before I finally called it a night.

So there's today's goal: finish chapter 6. When I do, I'll print chapter 7 and start on it. There are only 8 sections overall, so I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yay! The end is near!

I've also got to somehow work in the mountain of laundry that's taunting me from the doorway. Hubby got tired of seeing Oldest's bedroom in a mess and basically initiated a strip-down of that room. Everything got tossed, or boxed and put in the shed. New shelves went up, the closet got culled. The old TV stand went and a new, cleaner stand went in. Now it doesn't quite look so much like a fungus cave...although for all respective purposes, it still is. :P Now if only he'd let me strip all the tile out of there and redo the floors....

I'd planned to paint the living room this weekend, but decided to wait until hubby takes off for Houston. It will give me something to do. Maybe by then I can have Mini's closets cleaned out and some of the office furniture swapped around. We're still planning to make my office/doll room into his bedroom so that I can take the haunted one.

At any rate, I hope you're all busy and creating those fun summer memories! Lazy Sunday... I'm off to work on my story. I hope you all have great day!


  1. Oh, I sympathize with what you're going through with your Bites, Cora. I'm going through something similar with my sequel to Private Property.

    And I wish my DH would help clean out a few places - we blew a fuse the other day and I had to wade through a mountain of boxes to get to the fuse box. And youngest son's bedroom needs a shovel (or dynamite) as we can't get anywhere near his closet. One of these days ...

  2. Hey Cora! You are a dynamo, I swear. I am ignoring all the housework except for the cooking. I have to do that or Bear turns from Teddy to Grizzly in a second. lol.

    I spoiled the guy and now I'm stuck with his bad behavior. :P

    Congrats on your progress with the book. Soon as I can spare time from promoting my latest, I am going to really step it up and hit it hard and get my manuscript in gear. Whew. Wish me luck.



  3. Arg, the bedroom shovel. I hear ya. The Fungus Cave was pretty bad before the hubster culled it. We kept telling him to clean it, but you'd look in there and nothing ever changed. LOL When hubby has to actually take action to clean something - OMG, watch out! ^_^ Oldest was preeetty worried somethign vital would get tossed, but the results are fantastic.

    Now to just do the same with my story. I'm so afraid I'm going to cut something vital and unravel the whole yarn. :P

  4. Thanks, Cass. :*) I'm doing everything I can to get as much completed as possible before hubby takes off again.

    I worry I'll get stuck with a single, straggling chapter that takes me a month to fix, and no solid writing time to sit down and work out the kinks. So it's full steam ahead until he's off to TX.

    Whenever you get everything settled down and start hard hitting that story, you know I'll be at the ready to give it a peek. *hugs*


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