Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Edit Hell and Late Day Posting

Moraine Lake Banff National Park Alberta Canada

Today and yesterday's pics are from I thought I'd mentioned it yesterday, but I just reread through yesterdays post and realized the credits somehow got eated up. :P At any rate, isn't this shot just gorgeous? I've been staring at that mountain shot on and off all day. It's so gorgeous, it almost looks surreal.

I've been working on edits most of today. I have two paragraphs left I'm still tweaking this same chapter. For the life of me this thing won't go away! I'm gonna finish that up in a few minutes, then jet the whole chapter off to my fantabulous crit partner and keep on chooglin'. The next chapter should be much easier to clean up since there aren't so many characters in it. I've got my fingers crossed on that one.

Did anyone else read the news this morning about the sound the Earth makes in space?

Of course, there is no actual sound in space - there's nothing to create a sound vibration up there, but I'm talking about an audible radiation signal that can be detected if you-me-aliens-whoever know what they're looking (listening?) for.

Okay, I was skeptical at first, I thought for sure if the Earth actually had anything to say it would be screaming, "Heeeeelp Meeeee!" You know, like in that movie The Fly? Apparently though, the Earth chirps, squeals, and whistles. So now we all know.

That's about it for me today. I need to get these paragraphs pared down for sending. I hope you've had a snazzy Wednesday!


  1. Anonymous8:41 PM

    It MUST be the moon. Leah and I were talking about having trouble the last few days. I've caught up on most everything around the house. Just can't grind any writing out.

    I just love stuff about space. I grew up near NASA where my mother worked. Got in on lots of cool stuff.

    And isn't Webshots cool?

  2. Cora, I had not heard about the that article! I really liked it, thank you. Fascinating the strange things they continue to discover about Earth, eh?

    Keep those edits coming. You're doing great. I know editing is like pulling teeth or doing a root canal. It always feels like it takes forever, but in the end it's always worth it.

  3. Awesome picture. I love looking at mountains (of course where I live is so flat I have to drive an hour just to reach hills). I'm back, after being without internet for a week and a half. Went on a writer's retreat and had a great time.
    Good luck with the edits. :)

  4. That shot is gorgeous! The article was weirdly fascinating and I hope you got tons done on your edits. ;-)

  5. It must be the moon, like you said, Marley. I have two other writer friends that are toughing it out with their writing too. Hopefully this phase will pass soon.

    Space stuff fascinates me. I love it. When we visited Huntsville, we went to the whole NASA thing over there. Totally cool. I'm always checking out their new hubble images and stuff.

  6. Thanks, Isabelle! I finally got that chapter out to my crit partner. *dance, dance*

  7. Yay! Welcome back, Ann.:) I'm going to have to pop over and see how your writing retreat went.

  8. Thanks, Samantha! And isn't that shot gorgeous?

    Glad to see you! :)


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