Thursday, July 31, 2008

Burn, Baby, Burn

Mountain, meadow and fence

I did it. It's taken me two days and an entire pack of 10 count disks, but I've managed to back up all my files, burn down my pictures and all my ebooks, and save my music downloads. OMG, what a job! *_* I'm glad I did it though. Now I won't have to worry about losing anything should my computer suddenly kick the bucket. And for the love of Pete, I'm storing all my disks in one small space so I know what's what.

I'm still browsing for a new laptop, and sad as it is, I'll probably end up going with another Dell. Well, Dell is ok, but I'm none too thrilled about being tossed headlong into Windows Vista. Oldest has it on his laptop and I am not impressed at all. They really should've gone back to the drawing board with that one. I wish I could rent a Mac and give it a test drive to see if it's something I'd want to stick with, but I have no idea where I could do that, or if it would even be possible.

On another note, I'm back writing again. I added 2k to my old futuristic piece last night. I'm going to see it all the way to the end then print it up and look at what I have. It may need a lot of work, but since it's a first draft surely something good can come from it, especially given what length it is? We will see...

Oh, events! Alexandra Ivy has an interview over at the Midnight Moon Cafe today. It's hot stuff, so be sure to check it out! Also, on August 4th, I have an exlusive interview that will be available only through Ann Lory's newsletter. Be on the lookout for updates about that. I'll post again on the newsletter's release day.'s nearly freebie time again. I'm still playing around with ideas for a new free download to add to the MMC this Halloween, and from now until August 15th I'm running a poll here on the blog (scroll down and look at the sidebar on the right) and at the Cora Zane yahoo group to choose a theme for the story. I'm considering everything from shifters to contemporary, so take a look at the list and cast your vote. Votes will be added up from both the blog at the CZ group, so make your voice heard. ^_^

Off for now, I hope you all have a happy Thursday!


  1. Hey, I need to do the serious back up, but it'll have to wait til I get back from vacation (which has officially begun). I'm going home for a week. Have a great weekend. :)

  2. Have fun on vacation, Ann! :)


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