Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekend Ramblings

Hubby was actually able to be home for the entire weekend, and boy has it been nice! Mini has been clinging to him every minute, and I think hubby's had a relaxing go of it as well.

He'll be up in the morning again around 2 so he can take off for Lafayette. He wasn't going to have to go in until Tuesday, but some guy left an imporatant part in Hubby's work truck - which he drove home - so now he's got to take the part out to the jobsite Monday, and if he's got to go that far to do it, he's got to make the work hours count. Sooo...back to work a day early. I guess it all evens out in the end.

I spent a lot of the weekend on the phone and writing. Not too shabby. Not bad ways to pass the time at all. I have my 1st Nocturne Bite almost ready to send out. I put it down for a long time, bemoaning how terrible it was, and when I picked it up again over the weekend and read through it, it turns out it wasn't as bad as I thought. It needs one more scene added, a little cleanup on the first chapter and it'll be ready to hit the electronic trail to Harlequin. Woot!

I'm going to do everything I can to get that final scene down this coming week. I didn't realize there was so little left to do, and unbeknownst to me at the time, I didn't realize until I read through it yesterday that I even have a little bit of mystery going on in this one. Gotta admit I'm kind of excited about that. I've already pulled out my notecards and started jotting down some of the things I need to add to round everything out.

Before I put the wip away for a while, I got bogged down on one scene while writing, and I couldn't seem to slog my way through it. I think I was just trying to "word place" my way through it. You know, when you try to picture the words in your head - the way you want it to sound - but not really looking at it as an external scene?

I thought something was seriously flawed with the story, but going back, I realize I just missed a scene a few pages back. It seems really simple, like something you'd immediately pick up on when editing, but honestly, if I hadn't left the story for a while, I probably wouldn't have caught that. I probably would've gone on glancing over the problem, unable to figure out why the story wasn't working, and completely miss the bigger picture. I guess sometimes it's really worth putting a manuscript away for a while.

Well, the phone is ringing again, so I'm going to cut this post short. I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Glad to hear you figured out what was not working for you in your story! :-)

    Have a great week!



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