Thursday, June 26, 2008

Life, updates, and the vet


I had to call hubby this morning and tell him to make arrangements to come home early. Two nights ago, our oldest doggie Chancellor had a series of small strokes. He seemed to recover, even wanted out to run for a while yesterday afternoon, but by the evening he'd taken a turn for the worse. He can't seem to walk now, and I'm having to feed and water him by hand, and keep shuffling him to a dry area when he wets himself. I have him on the tile in my writing area so I can keep checking him. Although he seems to be resting, I worry he might be in pain. He's no spring chicken - he's 14 years old, and when I got to thinking about it yesterday, that makes him 98 in doggie years. My poor baby-dog...

Hubby is coming home tonight so we can take our furbaby to the vet in the morning. Chancey weighs about 100 pounds, and I can't lift him on my own, much less get him into the Jeep. I fear the vet will want to put him to sleep, but I'm torn between that possibility and the fear he might be suffering. :*(

I stayed up with Chancey late last night, and while watching over him, I wrote on my story a bit. I finished the Nocturne Bite, and I'm printing it up as I write this post. It's going to need a lot of clean up and pruning to get it ready for submission, but I'm on schedule of sorts with it, so that works for me. It's something to keep my mind busy, if nothing else. That said, I want to have this thing ready to send out no later than July 11th. I guess I need to kick around and find out how long response time is on these stories. I want to be able to send it off and forget it.

That's about it for me. Pacing and printing today. And waiting for hubby. In case anyone might be wondering, yes, the Weirdly 2 contest is still going on. Just scroll down a post and leave a comment to put your name in the hat.

I hope you all have a peaceful Thursday.


  1. Hugs for your pup, Cora. I hope the vet can help him. I've got a 10-year old furbaby myself and I know there are days when he feels all 70 of those doggie years.

  2. Aw, hugs for Chancey, and for you too. It's tough to watch them age like that - we had to make a decision with our doggy three years ago and it was one of the few times Gizmo Guy and I actually got into a fight. Ended up that later in the evening our decision was made for us, and it was one of the hardest things I've ever had to watch. Sometimes it's kinder to them to ... well, you'll know what you have to do once you've visited the vets. In the meantime, I'm thinking of you and hoping it's not too tough on you all - especially explaining it to your kids.

  3. Oh no! I hope Chancey feels better soon. :\ It's so tough when they get that old. Poor baby. *sends positive vibes for all of you*

    And great job on finishing the Bite story. I'm sure the edits will be a breeze. ;)

  4. Thanks everyone for the support, I really appreciate it. Chancey is doing much, much better this morning. He's up and walking and while he's not as sure footed as he was before the strokes, he's getting around and drinking water and doing his business without help.

    That is pretty tremendous by way of a recovery. He could barely lift his head just yesterday morning. The vet says to just keep an eye on him, and keep him comfortable, this is just something that happens at his age, and that's the best thing we can do is just let them know we're here.

    Big hugs to you all. :*)



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