Monday, June 02, 2008

Lake Day and a Case of Movie Trauma

Today's pic is of Mini and Oldest at the lake. Hubby surprised us Friday and came home for the entire weekend. Did I write about that already? Anyway, his boss wants him to be finished with the Lake Charles project this coming week, but then decided Friday at quitting time that they must cut back hours. So, hubby called me on his way home to tell me he had the whole weekend off.

Mom's birthday was yesterday, and what with the surprise homecoming, this turned into a flurry of activity to get the house in order, take care of bills, and do enough grocery shopping to feed 3 male locusts.

So my quiet weekend with Mini turned out to be a mindblowing weekend full of unexpected activity and sporatic writing. Hubby arrived home Friday night, and there's this whole settling period the first night - Mini doesn't want to let his daddy out of his sight. He doesn't want to go to bed without his daddy right there. This actually came in handy for once, because I needed to do a bit of work on a friend's manuscript, and so I was able to read through half of that in a sitting. I stayed up late doing this - all the guys went to bed and left me in the den to fend for myself. I worked on my current wip for a while, and by the time I looked at the clock, I was shocked to discover it was around 1am. I shut down the laptop, and went to bed.

Saturday morning, I got up and put on a pot of coffee around 7. Hubby was stirring around, and Mini hopped up to chase after him, so I slipped back off to bed. I felt so groggy, I completely forgot about taking Oldest to my mom's to doggy sit Miss Blossom. Thankfully hubby took over the helm, loaded up both boys in the Jeep and took them to mom's. Not long after they left, maybe an hour, I got out of bed, dressed, and set about dissecting the chapter from hell and trying to figure out where my story had gone wrong. I pulled my hair out over this until hubby and the Minibeast returned home. At that point I had to call it a day for the writing, hubby brought home BBQ goodies, so I had to keep Mini busy.

Around 4pm, I called to check on Oldest and got my dad's cell instead, they were on their way back from Texas. In fact, they were almost home. They'd visited the relatives, and picked up the two piece couch set from my gram. I'd mentioned I was ready for a new set, and since gram wanted a new set for herself, she gave me hers. It's a burgundy/red leather sofa and love seat - really cute. They wanted me to come over and see it, and of course, I had to go pick up Oldest. Before I ran out there though, I made a trip into town and bought mom an ice cream cake for her birthday with primary color icing streamers on top of it. I picked her up two "grab bag" type presents: an outfit for summer, a box of chocolates, two cute picture frames, and a Debbie Macomber novel. Oh yes, and a card. One that made me cry in the store, so I knew it was "the card". You know which one I mean?

I took all this over to my parents house, and we ate cake: mom, dad, Oldest, and me. I stayed and visited for about an hour and a half - although Oldest kept trying to rush me. LOL He had fun guarding the house, playing on computer, etc., but by the time I got there, he was ready to go home. ^_^ We ended up walking around outdoors after the cake, looking at the mimosas bloomed out, and the blue hydrangeas that have sprung up at the far side of their front yard. Hubby ended up calling, "Where are you? When are you coming home?" Which was pretty much my cue to come rescue him from Mini.

So I hauled Oldest home, took over the helm until Mini got ready for supper/bath/bed (his evening routine that he gets mighty grumpy about if it runs out of whack). Once he went to bed, I put The Mist into the DVD and sat on the couch with my wip.

OK. I got totally engrossed in The Mist. That's saying something since I'm not a huge, huge Stephen King fan. I've read quite a few of his books and loved them, and I think he's a great writer with the ability to really churn out some cool ideas, but some of his stuff throws me with the overload of mass information he adds in. For example: I liked the Stanley Kubrick version of The Shining better than the book because the movie didn't reveal EVERY detail about the hotel. I didn't care about the hotel. I cared about the effect of the hotel on the characters. Then again, in that same respect, having the characters tell me everything, and not allowing the horror of a moment to speak for itself really kills the mental mind game needed to hold my attention. But back to The Mist...good stuff. Until the end!! No spoilers here, but I did NOT like the ending. I felt cheated. After investing precious writing time (my attention to writing lasted all of 20 minutes once the movie started) I wanted... Well, I can't tell you what I wanted without giving away the ending, but let's just say I won't be watching that one again. Darn shame too, because up til that point, this movie worked for me. If only they'd added an alterate ending! *_*

After The Mist, I played a bit of catch up with my writing then tinkered around online for a while. I ended up downloading Mugging the Muse, a free ebook for writers over at . I was so impressed with what I read there, I ended up buying Ms. Lisle's ebook Create A Plot Clinic. What I've read of it so far is very helpful. (I'll be talking more about that in a later post.)

By the time I made it to bed, it was after three in the morning and my eyes were ready to slam shut.

I thought since it was Sunday I'd sleep in, but hubby woke me up around 8. My parents had called and they were bringing the couch set over. Oy vey. Hubby's words were, "Sorry, honey. I would've let you sleep in, but someone will have to watch Mini. You better get up and have some coffee."


I managed to drink half a cup of coffee before I had to grab up a broom, dust pan, and the Swiffer. Oldest and hubby dragging the suede couch set outside, and the furniture move resulted in an archeological find of dust bunnies, petrified mini marshmallows, and a handful of Legos. Yep, folks, I guess it's safe to assume we have children.

At any rate, the living room looks fantastic. The new couches are comfortable. Chores done, right? I wish. Here it is midnight and I'm washing clothes. Looks like the weekend is still going strong. Hubby leaves in a few hours, so I can't hit the sack until all his stuff is in place for a quick getaway in a few hours.

Hopefully only one more week of this schedule. (Come on vacation!)


  1. Hey, glad to hear you had a good weekend, and you can relax now that it's Monday. :)
    I check out Holly's blog pretty regularly, and have both of those ebooks (haven't read the plot clinic yet, it's next on my ebooks to be read list). Her stuff is always very helpful. Have a great week.

  2. You know, despite the sudden change in plans, it sounds like a wonderful weekend. Family time, the sunny lake, the hubster, and even a perfect mom card (those can be tough to come by). I say: SUCCESS! :D

    You must be exhausted today though. *hugs* to you for that.

    I hope your Monday is a fun one!

  3. Hi Ann! I haven't checked out her blog much. I suppose I should hop over and see what's there. Never know what you'll find while blog hopping.


  4. It was a great weekend. We had a good time, and got to see plenty of each other. Sometimes it's like we're all scattered in different directions and come Monday we look at each other and wonder "what happened".

    Yep, it was a good day. :)


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