Monday, June 16, 2008

Home At Last - Pt. 2

Beach fence for the Desoto Hotel private beach (Tybee Island, GA)

So I'm back with more pictures and travel stories, and some other things tossed in there. I'm still egg gathering here at home, so I hope you can bear with me. I still need to get the best of the best photos together and resize them all so I can actually put them on the blog. Before I delve into all that though - a bit of daily drivel, and some nerd rage for you... oh yes...

Last night I stayed up late to catch up on the episode of Battlestar Galactica that I missed Friday while we were stuck at the Battleship Inn in Mobile, Alabama. Just a bit of a warning if you haven't seen it yet, and care to not know until you watch it for yourself :: MEGA SPOILER:: You've been warned.

I watched, riveted as Saul, Sam, Tory, and Galen were found out to be cylons. OMG, what a great episode. And what a darn shame Sam is a Cylon because, da-amn he's hot. :P But I digress... I don't like the way they've taken Tory's character; I don't like to see her portrayed as a villainess, but darn it if she doesn't make an excellent cylon!! Still, I had hopes for her, that she could be like Saul and be a more compassionate Cylon, but it appears she's going to end up more of a tough girl, black widow type than we all anticipated. I sort of guessed the rest - it all fell in line with my expectations, but now that they are on post apocalyptic / nuclear winter earth, I wonder where she show will go from here. They never mentioned who the fifth cylon is. D'Anna said there were only four on board, but in a previous episode, when the imprisoned 6 was talking in her cell, she mentioned she could feel all the final five "were close". So now I can only assume Cassie Tyrol is the fifth cylon - she's the only one who's been on and off the ship to make for that kind of change. She was on the ship before Tory airlocked her out into space. Which would make a bit of sense, I guess, since the hybrid said there is the fifth one in darkness and suffering. But with the resurrection hub destroyed, how would they bring Cassie back, what with the laws of differential pressure on flesh, radiation, and temperature in space, and all that. *_*

I need to hit the Battlestar Wiki and find out what the preview for the next episode is. They didn't show it last night. Surely it can't just end with them finding destroyed earth? Too, I thought there were 20 episodes for the final season?

::End Spoiler, aka mad geeky theorizing::

Mini and the hubster leaving the beach (Tybee Island, GA)

Back to the travel stories... the return home. I think I left off talking about Florida. It was really hard to leave that behind. What a gorgeous place. The hotel wasn't as great as the Desoto, but I could definitely get used to the beach thing everyday. I suppose I'll just have to settle for the lake, though. ;-) While we were in Florida, hubby left his cell phone on and got a call from his boss. Oldest answered it, and so hubby then had to call the guy back. He said he had work for hubby come Monday morning - a project that he needs hubby to come in and take over. Yikes.

The man knew we were on vacation, but this put us in a bit of a crunch for time. Since we were driving instead of flying, that's cutting it very close to make it there from Saturday to Monday with two kids. Mini was already pretty sick of riding and wasn't too happy whenever we put him in the Jeep.

We spent the night in Jacksonville - I tinkered with the camera and tried to answer emails with my cell phone - a total pain in the ass, I must say. I definitely prefer my laptop, but I left my power cord, and only had three hours of battery time to last me the entire week. Har, har. Oldest went body surfing. Hubby went hither and thither, and Mini pretty much stuck with me. We had a great time on the beach, and I only caught enough sun to brighten the freckles. I wore sunblock and didn't even get burnt. How about that?

The next morning, Oldest and I raided the downstairs breakfast buffet and brought a tray back up to the room for Mini and hubster. We quickly packed and headed downstairs to check out. Our grand plan from here was to try and make it to Mobile, AL before sundown.

What a drive! We did make it, stopping here and there along the way. Hubby wanted to take the USS Alabama tour while in Mobile, but to get there we had to go through all this INSANE, absolutely crazy road construction. Of course, by the time we got there, it was closed for the day, so we hopped over to the hotel right next door to the museum: a place called the Battleship Inn - which wasn't bad, but dang yo - they need to at least offer Direct TV and a continental breakfast! I wasn't too happy about this hotel, but I was so tired by this point I could've cared less. Hubby could've pointed me toward a cardboard box and I would've crawled in. The hotel was small, but it was clean, and passed the barefoot test. The pool was nice too. Just don't think you were going to actually turn around in the bathrooms. They were too tiny - the size of a bathroom stall at McDonalds. No freaking lie.

I came in and crashed on the bed, and immediately started searching the TV for the Sci-fi channel - which they didn't have. RATS! I realized then and there I wouldn't be seeing BSG until the Sunday night repeats. Oh well, I thought, and while Oldest went out to the pool, I dragged Mini onto one of the sky-high bed and we tickle fought until I thought the neighbors would surely call us in.

The hotel had a restaurant in the parking lot, so while I watched Indiana Jones and entertained Mini with a coloring book, hubby went out and ordered supper: shrimp poboy for me and a salad, stuffed crab and baked potato for himself and oldest. Kiddie meal for Mini. We sat on the beds and ate. Come the next morning, I was a bit stiff, but managed to roll out of bed and get our growing mess of laundry and souvenirs stuffed into the Jeep.

We visited the Battleship Museum - Jesus, we walked all over that ship. I must've taken 500 pictures of that, along with the airplanes, and the submarine we walked through. No kidding on that either. We got out of there around 11 am, and I was starving. We got on a state highway, and decided we couldn't afford anymore time. We had to get back to Louisiana so hubby would have Sunday to rest. We took backroads up through Mobile to Mississippi. And while at the time, we were a bit bummed to miss out on New Orleans, there was a lot of pretty countryside to check out.

We trudged our way up the Jackson, Mississippi and got back on I-20 to take us home. By the time we got to Vicksburg, I was ready to crack the whip and get back to the house. Louisiana may not have a lot of things, but it is home sweet home.

This morning hubby had to get up again at 1am and leave out for Lafayette. I thought it was back to Lake Charles for him, but apparently not. He called this afternoon to let me know he'll be there for two weeks. At least he had Sunday to sleep before being dumped back into the project set.

Everything is still a little out of sorts here at home, but I'll have it all back right again in a week. Hopefully I'll be back to writing again by Wednesday. Just need to sort out a few more things before I dig into my wips. I did get a cool email almost as soon as I got back home : the Weirdly 2 cover! Woot! Oh, and the ghost train made the back blurb too:

About the book...

From paranormal to weird, from chilling to odd to scary, Weirdly Volume 2: Eldritch will sate your lust for strangeness in bite-sized pieces. Each tale weaves its own spell. Vampires, beasts, ghosts, evil creatures and, of course, every day people inhabit Weirdly’s pages.

Soldiers must reach their destination before the undead get to them first... What does the picture on the wall mean to Jen? Fate holds something in store for Lewis—but is it what he wants? Lillie embarks on another quest... Is the young man who sees and hears fluffy beings insane? An old letter urges a young woman to the train station—but is the train that puffs into view real? All these tales and more. Dare you read them?

How cool is that?! So that's a bit of good news right off the presses. We're pushing for a June 24th, release date. We will see...

Well, the kids are hungry, so I better get up and whip up something for them. How does sloppy joes sound? ~_^

A couple more pics for today...

More pictures of Babyland...

Mini with the "'kids" up top. And in the pic below - me sitting among the softie patch.

I couldn't resist giving that one girl a squeeze!


  1. Whew! But you had fun & that's the main thing.

    I hate when the roads are all torn up for construction. Ugh.

    Every time we go through Nashville to get anywhere we get turned around due to the construction. Seems like they've been working on that one stretch of road for about 14 years! Yikes! LOL.

    Love the pictures. You and the dollbabies are so cute! :D

    If only we had Oprah's money or an unlimited credit line, we could do some serious damage in that Cabbage Patch. Whew! LOL.

    'Course, we might have to buy an extra house just to store them all. :D

  2. LOL! 14 years of road construction - I believe it. I-20 is a bit like that between Ruston and Monroe, always under construction of some kind. It's a mess.

    OMG, I could have brought a truckload of those dolls home! *_* So many cuties to choose from. I really regret not bringing that cute Asian girl home I was hugging in the pic. She was so adorable.


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