Sunday, June 08, 2008

Don't forget to write...


We're leaving for our trip on Monday. Woohoo! Saturday we ran around town and bought some extra things for the road, and I picked up everything but a map. Har har! So that's on the to do list asap! I have directions saved from Mapquest, but that's kind of like a rough sketch rather than real directions.

I'm going to take my laptop with me - I feel vulnerable without it. LOL! I'd probably have some fancy schmancy writing idea and then have no way to write it down. Yikes! So if I have net connection that doesn't require a fee, I'll possibly drop in to post now and again next week. We'll see what happens!

Happy weekend!


  1. Have a great trip, take lots of pictures, and of course, have tons of fun. :)

  2. What Ann said!

    Enjoy, kick back, relax.

  3. (raising paw)

    Um, where is Lake Charles?

    Have a great time!


  4. Have FUN!!! And be careful!!!

  5. Kind of late getting in on wishing you a great trip, but hope it was a great one when you get back!

  6. Anonymous2:48 PM

    I couldn't do without my little digital recorder on the mail route in case I have ideas.

    Hopefully this - um- cool?front will get to you before you leave there.

  7. Missing you, sugar. Hope you are having fun and enjoying your vacation. I hope you are taking lots of pictures. ((hugs))



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