Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Butterfly, butterfly, where is your home?

Mini woke me up at 6, convinced that his daddy had arrived home on a school bus. "Come on, Mimi! Let's go see daddy on da skoo bus!" I tried to tell the lil nipper he'd only had a dream, but he hasn't grasped the concept of dreaming yet. He wanted to see out the front door, so I unlocked everything and swung the door wide for him.

He was so diappointed - poor beast. I told him daddy is still working in Lake Charles, but he'll be home in a few days. After a few minutes of talking about "got to find him, Mimi", he toddled off to the living room to watch Backyardigans.

Since then, it's been an up and down, good kind of day. I worked on my wip until the sun slipped into the yard, then I sent out a chapter for my crit partner to look at. I put in a load of laundry while Mini pranced around my legs, whining about going outdoors, and I figured I better take him out before it got too hot out.

So, I put some shorts on him out to the sand box. I took my wip with me, and dragged up a lawn chair. We stayed there until the neighbor's puppy came into the yard, scrapping around, scratching the bejeezers out of my shins.

Mini squeals with glee when he sees the lil squibbler, a hyper Jack Russell mix, and I will admit she's cute. But it kind of makes it difficult to enjoy our yard when the neighbor's dogs are always coming over and jumping on our legs. I watched Mini chase her around the yard until she grabbed his baseball and took off across the street with it.

Chaos. Bedlam. Drama.

Mini was in fits, that dog running off with his ball. I went out barefoot, so I had to call Big Bubba to slip on his flip flops and go chase down the dog and get the ball. I think the neighbors might've seen what went on, because after we went in (with much MORE chaos, bedlma, and drama because Mini didn't want to come in at all), I peeked out the curtain a few minutes later and the dogs were gone. Vanished.

I put my writing things away, and after the coast was clear, I told Mini to dry up his whining and we'd go back out to the sand box. Five minutes of dry sniffling later, we took his remote controlled Jeep Rubicon out doors, and I set up the egg time for 30 minutes. I showed it to him. "30 minutes and we're going in."

I already felt a bit crispy; when we went out the first time we stayed about thirty minutes then. This go around was a bit more peaceful. The dogs were gone, Mini played in the sand and with his toys. I sat in the lawnchair checking emails on my cell phone - it's an illness, I tell you. I kept reminding him of the egg timer so he wouldn't forget, then showed him a butterfly that kept flying around the front door, alternately landing on the welcome mat and the brick facing.

Mini thought that was pretty fabulous. A second butterfly came flitting up when we were checking out the first - this one smaller, with grayish patterns - no colors like in today's picture. BTW, that's the actual butterfly we saw. I took a picture of it with my cellphone.

So here were are back in the house. The egg timer trick works great. Mini knows when it goes off it's time to go in - it seriously cuts down on drama when trying to haul him through the front door. This time, he picked up his Jeep, and walked right in. One small victory for moms everyone!

I'm sunburnt from the time we spent outside; everytime I go out and come in I notice new freckles, but it was worth it. I fed Mini a quick lunch: hotdogs, chips, and juice - I had a veggie burger. Now the house is quiet, and he's watching a movie in the den. (Nap nap is imminent, I think.)

I hope you all have a great Tuesday!


  1. Aww, poor Mini. Dreams are tough, even for adults. I know I've had dreams where I've woken up convinced it was real and I'm so frazzled it takes my entire day to get my mind off of it.

    Sounds like you and Mini had a great afternoon. You made me want to go out and walk to the park for a little bit. I think I'll do that after work tomorrow. What a beautiful butterfly! I'm amazed it was still long enough for you to capture it. :)

  2. Poor mini - and luckily the dogs are fairly small ones, could you imagine if it was a larger dog who could knock him down easily. And I sure hope they've had their shots. (Sorry, my family used to breed dogs and I get ticked off when I see people not caring responsibly for their dogs.)

    Oh, and from what I could google, the butterfly is called a Red Admiral. You can go here to find out more: http://tinyurl.com/5gj37z
    Or just google Red Admiral butterfly...

    (Can you tell I used to be a teacher?)

  3. Isabelle, I wish I'd had my actual camera. I still haven't figured out how to do much of anything with my cell phone cam.

    BTW, I need to jet an email off to you. I'm sitting here with a pack of books to send your way.

  4. Oh neat, a Red Admiral! I actually wondered what kind of butterfly that might be. We get those little flittery yellow ones around quite often too. Funny, but I remember playing with monarchs while growing up. Seems like there were more of those around then. I haven't seen a Monarch butterfly in ages.


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