Monday, May 26, 2008

You Never Did Me Wrong

It's 10pm and I'm up doing hubby's laundry. He's leaving for Lake Charles in a few hours to get the week rolling again. He had the day off for Memorial Day and spent most of it with Mini, who is really not happy his daddy keeps having to go off to work.

Anyway, while he was in town, he bought one of those kiddie pools from DG. It's one of those with a top ring you blow up, then fill it with water and the ring rises. It's fairly deep; the water level goes up just above Mini's bellybutton, and it's big around enough that about three adults and a kid can sit in it with plenty of splash room. Hubby spent all afternoon filling this thing with the waterhose, and (omg-drama) Mini could barely wait to get in it.

Around five-thirty it was finally ready, and we slathered Mini down with sunscreen and took him out to the pool. Hubby bought him a swim ring for his waist, and these three diving toys - squids, imagine that! - so he'd have something to play with.

Well, first thing's first...not that it's rocket science or anything, but the water was too cold. Mini yowled when hubby tried to sit him awkwardly on the water ring. I ended up getting in the pool shorts, tshirt and all, and rescued Mini from a sure head plunge, and he clung to me like a wet koala while I glared at his daddy. He should'a known that wouldn't work - just set the kid off in the water. Sheesh. :P

Anyway, Mini didn't want to get in the water until Chancellor moved in to take a look and I gave him a splash from the pool. Chancellor obviously didn't dig that much - he took off and Mini thought that was freaking hilarious. After a few minutes splashing around, Mini decided it might be worth getting in the water after all. I set him down slowly, and Hubby climbed in about that time. We got Mini used to the water, and put the swim ring on him.

He thought the squids were fantastic, and went chasing them around the pool until he got a little too excited and tipped too far forward in the ring. He took a huge GULP of pool water, but I was right there picked him up quickly. He yowled while I patted his back, but no worse for wear, he was right back at it, chasing squids.

Not a bad "last day" before the hubster has to leave out again. ^_^

I've been working hither and thither on my writing. I have my HQN Bites story printed out, but I'm not thrilled with it. It's not bad exactly, but it's like it's missing something. Bleh. I wanted it out of here by the first week in June, but I haven't been able to bring myself to look at it lately. I decided to stop trying to force it, and so I'm taking a break. In a few days I'll go back and look over it all again and maybe I'll have fresh ideas about what to do with it.

Once I printed up the HQN, I started toying around with a few new ideas, but at the moment I have nothing. I want to work on something summery, I think. Sand and beaches. It's just the mood I'm in lately, I think. In the meantime I've been narrowing down my TBR stack a piece at a time. Hopefully all the reading will get my creative juices flowing, as they say.

That's all I've got for today. A late day post, but a post nonetheless. I hope you all had a pleasant Monday. And happy belated Memorial Day.


  1. Summery sounds spectacular. We can all use a summer fantasy. :)

    Sounds like such a good time. Oh I remember the blow up pool days from when I lived in Puerto Rico. We lived in those things. It was either that or get sprayed by the hose, which fun as it sounds, was also brutal when it was freezing cold! (As Mini now well knows, ha ha).

    Sometimes, when you've worked on something a while, you just need a second to step away from it and look at it objectively. That may be the issue with the HQN story. I know for me, sometimes I just need a break from a piece in order to see it again. Then again, we both know I'm totally neurotic! Ha ha. :-*

  2. lol! Did you get any pictures of Mini swimming? I bet he looked too cute!

    I hope your writing ideas come back in full force. And the idea of a summery type story sounds fun! Good luck with it;o)


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