Tuesday, May 06, 2008

What happened to Monday?

I totally missed Monday, so I'm now trying to get back on track. Over the weekend, Mini started feeling better, but I knew once he got sick it wouldn't be long before I caught his ick.

I thought I was doing fine, just a few sniffles over Saturday. I've been taking vitamin C to try and stave it off, but then on Sunday I was coming home from buying groceries and the ick hit me. HARD. Hubby had stayed home with Mini to spend time with him, and when I got back from shopping Dad was over, the guys were hanging out around back and I felt like I would fall out at any minute.

I barely remember getting the groceries in the house, and there were quite a few bags. After I had all but two bags in the house, Oldest peeked out around his door. "Need any help?" Um, yeah, I did. Like five minutes ago.

I told him I had it all under control, then basically took the bag with all the frozen stuff, stuck it in freezer without unpacking it, and left the rest for someone else to put away. I went straight to the bedroom after that, didn't even kick off my shoes, and fell across the bed. Seriously. I slept for probably forty-five minutes before dad left and hubby and Mini came looking for me. I think hubby might've been a bit upset with me, but it couldn't be helped.

Sunday night I couldn't rest, so stayed up watching Executive Decision on sattelite while the guys got some sleep. That blasted sinus infection is nagging me again. I swear I haven't been able to smell anything since January. However, I was already awake when Hubby got up to leave, so I was actually able to spend some time with him. There's a plus.

Mini is feeling much better this morning and so am I. I have been eating oranges and drinking OJ and taking sinus pills that apparently were crafted by the gods. Er, at least the ones at Eli Lily. Anyway, late last night I could suddenly breathe *_* and so I hopped on the computer and worked on my wip for a while. Great progress!

I've been relying on one of my summer sisters to help me with the geography for one of my stories, and that just fell in line this morning. Woot! We've spent two days of lengthy emails and she has weathered all my millions of questions, some of them not so clear because I've had that whole sick thing going on, which has dropped by IQ by double digits, I'm sure. Bless her, she's seen me through and she'll be getting huge kudos on my next dedication page, that's for sure. Lil sis, you rock!

I suppose that's it for today. Gotta go assert my mommy authority and try to avert disaster. Mini is draping towels over the dog like saddle blankets. Poor Chancellor. He's old, crabby, and has a toddler trying to make a horse out of him. It's the price we pay for domestication, Chancellor. Try to think of the kibbles...

Have a happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. Oh, poor Chancellor! Ha ha. I can actually picture that. *snorts*

    Cora, I'm so glad you're feeling better sweetie. Take care of yourself. Those cold germs like to make rounds in households so keep it up with the Vitamin C and orange juice and all that good stuff. It'll also help fight the future yuckies.

    Glad to hear you're making progress! Still working on the HQN WIP? *pom pom swish* You can do it! Don't give up!

  2. Glad to hear your feeling better, and congrats on the writing. Have a great week. :)

  3. Glad to see everyone is getting better! And that your making some progress on your writing. Have a good evening;o)


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