Saturday, May 17, 2008

Weekend Waiting

It's about 4 pm here, and I'm waiting to hear from hubby. He should know at the end of the day whether or not he gets to come home. So far so good, but if there are any surprises they'll be last minute. Oldest doesn't seem to notice much, but Mini keeps watching the front door saying, "Daddy is coming home today."

I worked on my CP's wip last night and today, and sent that off this afternoon, now I kind of need to work on my HQN story a bit. I've got it printing now. The ending is still open, and while I know where I want it to go, it's a matter of getting from point A to point B without too many short, choppy scenes. Urg. Then again, there are two POV's and four characters to take into consideration, so maybe those scenes can't be helped. We'll see once I start red penning this thing and making notes. I plan to add and take away scenes as I go, so my word count should level out around 14-15k somewhere. Truth be told, I'd rather go over and have to cut back, than run short, and the story feel stunted.

Oof. Mini just crawled up into my lap. Something about the sounds the printer makes when it's working draws him. Yep. I do believe this one's an editor in the making. ^_^ Anyway, I'm looking at two more weeks on this HQN story. That includes fixing anything major, and smoothing it out enough that I can send it to my CPs. If it is, I'll be right on target, time wise. I'd hate to have to take it on my vacation with me, but if feel like I'm "soooo close" I'd hate to put it down before it's sent.

On another note, I got two things in the mail today that was enough to give and old lady like me heart palpitations: the AmEx bill and Oldest's final report card. The AmEx bill - enough said. Oldest's report card.... He just made the B honor roll, and yet he has two Ds. How is that even freaking possible? Either way, he passed. My son is going to be a junior next year. OMG. *walking cane*

Anyway, the nice little note attached to the report card was what really caught my attention. Kids will be required to have gym uniforms next year. Ok. We had to have them at RHS, when I went, but we're talking about a huge school with male/female segregated gym classes that taught everything from tennis, to golf, to aerobics.

Where we live now, it's a tiny community, and the school has a consolidated number of about 200 kids, grades K-12. Oldest has told me what passes for gym class here: someone tosses a load of basketballs on the court, and tells the kids to get at it. There's not any real instruction for most part of the year. And they need gym uniforms? For what? School year book pictures?
This mess is just for show, and to top it off, if you don't buy the uniforms directly from the school you have to drive all the way to Ruston to get them. In my opinion, they should have taken the money behind this bullshit uniform idea, passed around a donation plate and put our hard earned cash into a summer program to teach the high school kids who are somehow miraculously passing year to year HOW TO READ.

That sounds bitchy, I know, but you would be shocked if you heard some of the kids in Oldest's homeroom class read aloud. You'd think with the popularity of za interwebz and txtng there would be this great surge of reading skills.

Apparently not.

BUT! At least the kids will have effing gym uniforms next year, so it all balances out. Right? Right? Anyway, I digress....

Heart palpitations. AmEx. Oldest. Tums. Is it summer yet?

Last night I kind of took over the TV (omfg) and watched Doctor Who while waiting for BSG to come on. Mini had quasi-freak-out syndrome when the bratty little kid and his family turned into aliens. They basically cut this glowing skin suit off themselves and the skin kind of wrinkles off and here are these green bulbous monster-aliens. "Ahhh, Mimi! It's monsters!"

As if it isn't evident already that our TV rarely hits a channel other than Noggin....

"Yes, dear, I see that. They're just on TV. Come sit with me." I pat the couch. He climbs up and I cover his eyes.

I sat through this brief scene, hiding Mini's eyes, promising him everything was a-okay, that if there really are aliens they're definitely not going to come here - at least they won't if they're of the advanced intelligence as regularly proclaimed by the lofty imaginations of our noble screen writers. Hello? Aliens landing in the part of the state known as "The Sportsman's Paradise"?

By the time we got to Battlestar Galactica, Mini was whining on me to go to bed. I kept telling him "okay, baby, five more minutes". Commercial break. More whining and couch wallowing. "It's okay, sugar, only five more minutes."

Bad mommy, I know, but I did manage to see the entire episode, which ended with No Bleach Number 6 getting shot. Twice. (Damn, and I like her!) And with no resurrection ship to download to. Oh yeah, and the President, Starbuck, and Baltar on the cylon base ship - which hyperjumped the minute they plugged in the hybrid. Gah! I hate cliffhangers like this! They then followed up this grand scene by advertising the next new episode won't air for two whole weeks. After making us wait months for the series to resume.... Someone is going to have some serious karma to work off because of all this. Ain't no lie. ~_~'

So there it is, my Saturday post. Full of rambling, nonsensical, nerd-fabulousness.

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. I think I'm the only person left in the world who hasn't seen Dr. Who! It's killing me! I'll have to see if I find it in the library.

    Congrats to Oldest for becoming a Junior! Although that mess about the uniforms is just wrong! I agree with you wholeheartedly. I used to work at a school and I remember how stunned I was by the reading level of some of the students. It just didn't seem possible that they weren't getting more personal attention. They were just being passed along without a worry in the world. *shakes head*

    Have a great time with the hubby this weekend!

  2. Not bitchy at all, Cora...

    ...very logical, therefore like the post I made about HellGoonHutt the postal worker, the illogical, frivolous spending for gym uniforms seems perfectly sound in lieu of literacy, again, in the current state of our Union. Just another fine example.

    Incidentally, we had uniforms for gym in middle school, as well as school issued swimsuits for pool class. Yes, I said it, swimsuits, which we had to "Take your suits off in the shower!" before we dared to approach our gym lockers, which were in another room! That's a lot of nude adolescent girls running (literally) around naked for no other reason but the obsessive preference of our teacher. Who does that? I'm pretty sure that teacher is probably in prison and/or an internet predator by now. She was scary. In fact, it may have been HellGoonHutt's mother now that I think about it. Hmmm....

    Anyway, school issued swimsuits--how is that even sanitary? Ugh.

    Btw Isabelle, I have never seen Doctor Who and I was a friggin film and television production major.

    No worries.

    be well,

  3. I hope you got to spend some time with the Mister this weekend.

    Oh gawddd, I hated gym class only slightly less than a root canal without novacaine. Eek. But at least I never had to wear a gym uniform, ugh.

    Although I do recall getting in some hot water for wearing baby clue cut-offs and a tank top one year. LOL

    Ugh on the AMEX bill. I personally have an aversion to seeing my VISA bill. Every year I try to get it paid off and every year it climbs higher.

    Maybe it's time to burn it in effigy? Whaddya think? Bonfire and bourbon at midnight. We'll toss all our credit cards in the flames and chant. :P


  4. Anonymous11:32 AM

    I have got to start watching Battlestar Gallactica again. I loved the original with Dirk Benedict. Since it'll be off they should be playing the re-runs soon, huh?

    I understand about trying to tell the people you love 'no'. It's tough. Stick to your guns, girlfriend.


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