Tuesday, May 20, 2008

weekend recovery zone

Looks like I have some catching up to do. I didn't realize it had been so long since I'd last blogged. What can I say? Weekends kind of get away from me.

Anyway, hubby came home Saturday and we imposed a strict "no visitors" rule, which kind of hurt my parents feelings, although I promised to make up for it later in the week by bringing the kids over. I'm going to do that this afternoon once dad is home from work. I only hope they won't pout on me when I get there.

It's not that we didn't want to see them over the weekend, but every Sunday for the past several weeks, we've been entertaining, or going to visit this person and that on weekends, going to birthday parties, cookouts, etc. This past weekend we just needed some family time of our own.

Last week mom started talking about doing another cookout, and I kept trying to hint there were things I wanted to do that would take up all our time. Which was true, I wanted to lounge on the couch and watch tv with the kids and hubster, but the hints just weren't sinking in. Mom kept saying, Oh, well it can be a quick visit. An hour or two; an eat and leave sort of thing.

I tried several times to politely to put this plan away, but when others started coming into the kitchen and gaining in on the conversation and adding to these plans I didn't want in the first place, I finally threw my arms up and told the entire house that if I wasn't going to get to see hubby next weekend for more than five minutes, he should just save us the gas money and keep to his hotel room in Lake Charles. I'd probably get more face time with him over the phone anyway.

Bitchy, yes. And you could've heard a pin drop, but the parents keep missing the whole point of hubby coming home weekends. Not to visit friends or relatives, or to go to weekend cookouts. He's coming home to see us: his wife and kids.

Several years ago, when hubby worked in Alabama and was gone for close to 7 months, it made it really hard for us to get back into the whole married, housesharing thing once he came back home to stay. We're two very independent people, and if we're not sharing space, we're bumping heads. That whole leaving the toilet seat up argument magnified by 10.

So, if hubby's not getting to see us, and spend time at home in the family unit, we know it's going to be testy once he does get back. We have to go through that whole "settling" period, where I get used to picking up his dirty socks, etc. Not only that, but if it's turning into a chore to get five minutes to even say hello to him on the one day he is home, what's the point? We're not getting that face time needed to keep our close ties anyway, and it is expensive to go back and forth between home and Lake Charles. Especially if we're not gonna see each other.

Well, after I spoiled the grand cookout scheme last week and became the community villian, mom and dad whined on me over the course of the weekend. Dad tried to skirt the visitor ban - which is really not so much a ban, just me saying, please give us this one day to ourselves.
The minute I was out of the house, though (I made a run to the store for milk), dad called hubby and made an entreaty to come over and see the kids. Poor daddy. It's not like I would've run him off or sniped at him or anything, but hubby's words to him were, "I don't know.... I think Corrina wouldn't be too happy entertaining...."

Bad evil Cora daughter person! *fangs*

Evil, though I am, we had a good weekend, and I actually had a chance to visit with hubby. We sat out in the yard with Mini in the sandbox, did a bit of planting - my heart trees are growing! - and we actually had a chance to hold more than one adult conversation. Heck, we even had a few minutes to stare at each other over coffee. How's about that!

And I have promised, no more visitor bans over the summer. Hubby doesn't have that much longer on this job before he's back home again. For how long, I don't know. We're planning to go on vacation, but when he's back they're talking about putting him on some job over in Sulfur, La. Another out of town job. We will see.

At any rate, this coming Sunday is Mini's birthday. He'll be the big 0-3. Tomorrow I'm going to order a cake for him, and hopefully they'll have something other than Barbie and Spiderman up there this time. Last year I had no choice but to order a Winnie the Pooh cake. Mini just looked at it, like, who the heck is that? *_* The year before that it was Scooby Doo, and that got pretty much the same reaction. If they don't have Hot Wheels or John Deere, or something with wheels on it, I think I'll just decorate the cake myself. Buy some hotwheels cars and stick them on the cake. Better that than spending $30 on a cake Mini doesn't "get". Well, at least I know for sure he has absolutely zero interest in Winnie the Pooh, so I won't do that one again. LOL! ^_^

I really should get a bit of writing done before Mom comes over. I've kinda fallen behind on my writing. Gotta get back into the groove before my characters mutiny on me.

I hope you all have a snazzy Tuesday!


  1. Ah evil mean Cora! LOL I understand wanting some family time alone. When my bro in law comes over my husband is always like, "Hey it's no big deal," but the BIL is such high energy he makes me exhausted. And stressed out. Sigh.

  2. Oh, Cora! Don't let them make you feel terrible. I know it's easier said than done but you DO need time with your hubby and he needs time with the family. Mom and Pop are just lonely and like the company, but one weekend alone won't kill them. You made the right choice. Families can be so complicated, huh?


  3. Oh, I so hear you about the 'no visitors' time. And good for you for setting boundaries. Not evil at all, Cora.

  4. Oh. My. God.

    I am SO relieved to know that other parents pout too! I thought it was just my parents!

    Wow. They had me snowed.

    Thanks for the validation!

    and again, bitchy? not so much...



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