Thursday, May 08, 2008

Tie Me Down

My sense of smell came back this morning!! I can actually taste the coffee I'm drinking. That totally rocks. However everything has it's dark side...

When I woke up this morning I noticed this smell in the house. Sort of sickly sweet. WTF? I went through the house sniffing everything from socks to garbage pails and have determined this it is a smell of unknown origin... and it STINKS!!

I don't know what it is, or where it's coming from, but I want it gone! Before my first cup of coffee, I went to the sink and washed any left over dishes and ran the dishwasher. I took out the trash, and washed the filter in the air conditioner. I put all the clothes in the wash - which amounts to a uniform, a few towels, and the quilt and sheets from my bed. Not that much stuff. I even sprayed air freshner, but underlying it all, the smell is still here!

All I can figure is my sense of smell isn't quite back to normal. I guess now that I'm starting to get well and my brain is thawing out from the sinus infection, that's what I'm smelling: the infection in my own head. Ha!

On another note, round 2 for my HQN story is about half way finished. I'll probably do one more round of editing and tweaking after this rewrite, and then it's off to the crit partners for a read through. I'm determined to keep my schedule. Too much goes on in May and June for me to spend too much time slacking - as much as that kills me. I like to take my time and drag my feet a bit. What can I say? Old habits die hard. However, I have three birthdays this month to think about - Dad's is coming up this Saturday. Mom's and Mini's is this month too. Oldest's last day of school is the 16th. Before June 1st I need to have our vacation plans situated, and the living room repainted before the new furniture arrives.

Okay. My mental to-do list is getting longer by the minute so I'm going to stop it right now before it gets out of hand. Birthday are important. And the book. Finish the book, Cora. Must finish the book... *insert mystical oogla boogla music here*

I've kinda been doing this no-pledge pledge to read a book a week, even if it's a short one. My TBR stack is overflowing, and I need to do something about it. That in mind, I started working on my Harlequin stack first since they tend to be faster reads. I picked up Patricia Wilson's Walk Upon the Wind yesterday. Boy the transition from reading nothing but paranormals to a straight contemporary is kind of jarring, albeit in a refreshing way. Still, is it normal to think at random intervals "Hey - they could have put a vampire in this scene and it would've been totally believable!"? :*)

That's it for me today. I need to get a few words on paper before I make a dash to the post office to mail off some promo bags. Don't forget to drop by the Midnight Moon Cafe today to read the Midnight Brew. This week Nocturne author Patrice Michelle is telling us about her writing habits, and her new book Scions: Insurrection. I love her Scions series! Why don't you drop in and ask her a question or two? You may just end up winning a copy of her new book.

Best wishes, everyone, and happy Thursday!


  1. Glad your getting back to normal. You'll have to let us know what that mystery smell was when you find it. I have to say, now that I have kids? I find that the mystery smell normally comes from them leaving something to sit and stew for a couple days. Normally it's a glass of milk...yuck! Hope you find it!

    I read you ebook and I LIKED IT!! Great job and the way you described everything was superb. When writers do that in such detail it makes you actually see it in your minds eye, great job! Have you thought of continuing the story? Either with them living in the woods or a sister or realative coming to the house, looking for her and then pick it up there? It was a fantastic story Cora! Congrats on a job well done;o)

  2. I had that happen to me once. That sweet sickly smell. I went through my house just like you did. Guess what I found underneath one of my shoes (a pair I don't wear a lot). A dead mouse. So good luck with your scent hunt!!!

  3. Hey Crystal! Sorry I haven't emailed you back, girl. I need to sort books and get everything ready for the hubster to come home this weekend.

    I'm glad you liked the ebook! I wrote is as a stand alone, so I really don't have any plans to continue it. :*(

    I've been asked to do another 2 stories, though - one faerie, so sort of in the same vein as what you read. However I don't know whether I'll have time to take on the other faerie project at this point. Maybe after the summer.


  4. Yikes! I hope it's not a dead mouse, Sarah, but we do live in the country so its definitely possible.

    I swear the smell is strongest when I get around the kitchen sink, but my Oldest son thinks I'm nuts. He can't smell anything. Then again, we don't call his room the fungus cave for nothin'. LOL! ^_^

  5. Cora, SO GLAD you're feeling better! :) It must be great to breathe, huh?! Ha ha.

    Welcome back to the land of 5 senses. Rude awakening, with that sickly sweet smell huh? Ha ha.

    As for your story, don't worry. You'll get there! Just keep at it. Chip away a little at a time and you'll get there. Sometimes life just catches up to you! But I know you'll have it done before you know it. *cheers you on* YOU CAN DO IT!


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