Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Meme

One of my writer friends, the lovely, Marley Delarose, tagged me for this meme...which is a really good thing because all I had to blog about today was grocery shopping. LOL! Consider yourself spared! ^_^

Here goes...

A Writing-Craft Related Meme
1.List one of your writing goals for the month of June and how likely you are to accomplish it.To finish something. Anything. I have three open ended wips right now, and I need closure!

2.What genre or subject would you like to write about that you aren't currently?I'd really like to do a contemporary romance without paranormal elements, or possibly a Scottish historical, although that would take a lot more research than I typically like to do.

3.What is your writing lifestyle, habits ? How do you manage the interruptions with your writing? HOW do you stay positive? Believe in your writing success?
Success is relative. What qualifies as success is individual and unique to all of us. Honestly, I feel the most successful when I write the words THE END. Good or bad, salable or not - I wrote a book! That tends to make me feel mighty for a few days. I did it! and all that.

My writing lifestyle itself is very barefoot and fancy free. I try to write at least 1k words a day, whenever I get a minute or two to do it. I write in the dining room, where I have a small desk/printer/fileboxes/micro-office set up. It looks like hell even when it's organized, but function over fashion, you know? While I do have an actual home office with a really big corner media desk in there, Mini likes to come in and smack his head on the edge of it in attempts to crawl under my feet, so it's really safer for both of us - his noggin and my sanity - if I write in the dining room. However, this also means that I have to weather a ton of interruptions throughout the day. Oldest's refridgerator visits, Hubby's in and out of the house smoke breaks (NO smoking indoors allowed EVER!!), TV blaring, freezing AC air on my back since the vents faces my desk, and the dog scratching at the door to go in and out. I could probably go on and on with this list for a while, but...meh.

The main way I handle interruptions is to threaten bodily harm to anyone (aside from Mini) who lingers in at my back for more than five minutes. What is it? Are you looking for a place to stick a knife? Get what you're after and take a hike! By doing that, however, I must also weather great sighs and a bit of annoying eye rolling. But also at times I get bear hugs from behind by hubby and kids - and, I actually like those. ^_^

How do I stay positive? Hubby and Oldest's support in what I do matters tremendously. If they didn't approve, I don't think I could do what I do. I also depend heavily on support from my critique partners. Cass and TK are my lifelines. I trust their judgement, and their input. I'm so very lucky to be on this writing journey with them. Self doubt is always present, and at times I wonder if I'm cut out to write. I depend on their pep talks, and tough love to keep me going.

4.Are you a pantser or plotter?
99.9% of the time I'm a pantser. I used to plot these great long outlines when I was first trying my hand at writing, but then I never stuck to them. Outlines were a waste of time and paper. I don't bother to outline anymore unless I'm on a deadline and the wip has hit a critical snag.

5.Who are two of your favorite current authors and why?I don't really have favorite authors so much as I have books I connect with deeply. But, I guess if I had to choose 2 authors, my first would be Judy Blume. I read her adult drama Summer Sisters not long ago, and it was magical for me. I connected with that book unlike anything I've read in a very long time. If only I could write characters as vivid, realistic, and as memorable as hers, I'd be happy. She has such amazing talent.

The second author, hm...probably Sally Beauman. (I think I spelled that right.) I've only read or seen one book by her: Destiny, which I read many years ago. She is just pure brilliance, and now that I think of her, I wonder whatever happened to her. I still think about her Destiny characters now and again; I became so engrossed in that book, the character they are a bit like family. Hm. I wonder what she would be doing now? Or what this person would be like now? That is powerful storytelling. The book ended in sad, gratuitously shocking kind of way - I personally wouldn't write an ending like that in a million years - but she was the first author I ever read that had that dynamic "character" voice that's somehow capable of bringing to life those powerful, true to life, jump off the page characters. She is a master writer of the human condition.

6.How does your family feel about your writing?My parents are a little sad about what I write. My mother only recently admitted to her end of the family what I write exactly, and it kind of hurt to know she'd been carrying it around like a deep dark secret until she finally told everyone. The proverbial weight off the shoulders and all that. I do accept that they don't accept it though. They know about it, and at times say congratulations on a sale, and that's enough for me. My hubby and Oldest son are supremely supportive. And my two summer sisters are absolutley thrilled to have a writer in the family. ^_^

Great questions Marley! I'm passing along your meme, and tagging. I'm tagging Cass, Isabelle, and Karen E. Of course, all taggage is voluntary. ~_^

That's it for me today, folks! Happy Thursday!

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  1. Anonymous6:37 PM

    I'm so glad I asked! I think it's obvious you were meant to be a writer.

    I haven't read Beauman or Blume in a long time, will have to give them another spin.


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