Friday, May 09, 2008

Summer Flashback

When I think back to the 90s, the first rave I recall, someone did this kick ass remix of Donna Summer's I Feel Love. Disco made techno. Sheer freaking genius with a glow stick, I tell ya.

Well, that song has stuck with me over the years. I mean, I remember hearing it growing up too, the disco version - hopefully I'm not increasing my wrinkles by writing that, but there it is. The rave version has always stood out in my mind, though, and it totally conjures that whole clubbing scene in my mind - flashing laser lights, neon colors glowing in the dark, bodies jumping to pulsing music so loud you feel it thumping in your body, and then there's the whole optical kaleidoscope screen flickering behind the silhouette of the dj table.

Anyway, you know how sometimes you can be in the midst of doing something and hear a little thread of song in your thoughts? It pops in totally out of the blue? Well, that was it for me today - I Feel Love by Donna Summer. Out of the blue. I'm driving home from errands, Mini's sacked out in the car seat, and it's bright, bright, bright out. Everything's rich and green. Wisteria is blooming along the route home, and wow.... that summertime, everything's relaxed and breezy vibe hit me. Not too shabby.

With all the stress I've been under lately, it was fun to sit back and reflect for a while. If nothing else it made me realize I'm definitely "summer" mode.

Too often I'm so busy trying to think about where I'm trying to go in the future I kind of lose sight of all the fun, cheesy things out there. Like revamped disco *snork* and body glitter. OMG. Body glitter! The stuff you wash off, but keep finding in patches days and days and days after you thought you scrubbed it all off. But I digress....

Summertime. I'm there. I'm ready. Bring it on! Oldest has exactly 5 half days left of school. I guess the teachers and school staff have summer fever too. They took the last week of school and decided to let everyone out at noon until the 16th - which is their final day.

Kind of a rambling post, but you'll forgive me right? Because it's Friday? Right? *crickets*

Happy week, everyone! ^_^


  1. Wow, your kids finish early - my youngest goes until nearly the end of June, and he gets out earlier than the elementary kids. Then again, it's hotter where you are, LOL. Do you find it harder to write when both kids are home?

  2. You've said the magic phrase. Body glitter. I once said that if I was a villain, that would be my power. I'd walk around dousing people with Body glitter because it NEVER comes off! They'd be ticked off! :D It's great!


  3. Leah, we didn't have a single snow day this year, so the kids are out kinda early. Usually it's the seniors only getting out around this early. The rest of the kids usually get out around the 20th, 25th, or so. Not that I'm going to complain. LOL! I get tired of the whole school run and need a break from it like Oldest.

    It does get a bit more challenging to write with both kids home, but not so much I can't accomplish something. I just have to run Oldest out of the living room around 10-11 pm so I can have my night writing session. :)

  4. Isabelle, that's true! You put it on and it won' Not even after repeat scrubbing. Talk about an eeevil super power! :D

  5. Donna Summer? Yeah, I feel old too;o) I LOVED HER!!lol! Even Tina Turner was COOL!!!

    Yeah, the body glitter is definately BACK! Sam and her friends now use it. I'd like to meet the person who made that stuff in a dark alley one day. An to think it was no big deal when WE used it;o)

    That's cool Oldest is almost out of school! I bet he is totally excited! The kids here don't get out until May 30th so we still have a couple more weeks to go. How long is his summer?


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