Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sitting through the Storms

Last night around 7 or so, a lightning storm rolled in. Pretty, but I had to disconnect/unplug everything: laptop, dish washer, microwave, coffee pot. Basically anything of remote electronic importance. The last time I left everything plugged in during an electrical storm it ended up fried.

I curled up on the couch with Moongazer until Mini admitted his toddler batteries were hitting critical: "Mimi, let's go to bed NOW." So, I put him through the evening ritual: strawberry milk, brush teeth, fresh training pants, then off to the bedroom where I seek out his favorite stuffed kitty, put him in the bed and light a candle on the dresser so it won't be too dark.

Everything went as normal. He zonked out pretty quick, and sometime during all this the rain started. Heavy rain. Blowing rain. You could hear it sheeting over the house. The wind was insane - not only howling, but after about 10 pm or so, you could at times hear the doors creaking from the wind pressure.

Not that I was shocked, but the lights went out around midnight. With the candle on the dresser, I didn't bother to get up and check the house. I assumed all was under control. I didn't realize Oldest hadn't been able to sleep due to the high winds. I looked up and he's standing in the door way with a flashlight. "I need a candle."

Sure thing, Boo. I got up and lit a candle for him, and he took it to the dining room and put it on the table, which is close to the doorway of his room. The winds seemed to get even stronger, and so I climb out of bed and go for my cellphone. I *heart* my new cell phone. I'm able to check my email, etc. with it. I looked online and for our area we were under a tornado and flash flood warning. Great.

I went back to bed, and crawled in beside Mini. I figured it bad went to worse, we could huddle up in the den. About that time, I look and there is Oldest coming into the room. He's jumpy and unnerved by the weather and he crawls onto the bed beside Mini. Well, when he left the hall, the dog follows him in and jumps up on the bed too. I now have 2 kids and a dog in the bed with me, and at this point I'd be willing to beg Entergy to give me just enough electricity to power the airconditioner.

After about an hour, Oldest can't take listening to the winds anymore. He gets up, stares out the window and goes wandering through the house with a flash light. I let him be, and around this time Mini wakes up. "What's that noise, Mimi?!"

Every five minutes it's a new sound: winds, trucks on the street, a loud MOOOO - no I'm not kidding. The neighbor's cows got out. :P Mini heard the "moo" and it totally freaked him out. I admit it did sound pretty alien in the midst of a storm.

The lights didn't come on until about 3 am, by which time I'm exhausted. I go around, turn on the AC and blow out a few candles, and shoo the dog out of the room. Finally I can get some sleep. That lasted til about 5 am. My mom called to check on us - apparently she'd gotten up about that time and checked her phone. Sometime during the storm, Oldest had tried to call her. As much as I wanted to be nice, and not hurt her feelings, she was awake with her first cup of coffee and I wanted to SLEEP. I had to tell her I was hanging up; I'd call her later.

Zombified, I wandered back to bed. I do remember dreaming something about shopping for red blouses (???) and the next thing I know Oldest is shaking my arm. "Mom! Get up. You've got to take me to school!"


"The bus didn't come. My geometry final is today."

*_* I bitch and moan while getting dressed in a tank top and some jeans. I slip on my flip flops and pull Mini out of bed. I asked Oldest five or six times. "Are you sure school is on today?" Yes. "Did you call and check?" Hurry mom. I'll be late.

It's raining it's ass off outside. Great. We still haven't gotten the brakes fixed on my jeep. Weak brakes + wet pavement = don't leave the house, kids!!! I'm barely awake, but I put Mini in fresh training pants, a pair of shorts, and out the door we go. Before we are even off our street I see all the trees blown down across the road and I look at Oldest. "You are SURE school is on today."


Fine. I drive him to the school which is about five minutes away. We turn off in front of the ball field and I can see there are no effing cars out there. "Uh, honey. No one is there."

Oldest is getting a bit testy from my nagging, so I go through the loop. Under the shed where normally you'd let your kid out - it's blocked by 3 cars. I pull up and the assistant principal comes out. I run my tongue over my teeth. Not only do I not really like this guy, I know what he's coming out to tell me.

"No school today!"

Thanks bunches. I glare at Oldest, who says in defence, "Well, this makes no sense! The finals are today!"


Yeah, I remember when I was his age. I knew everything then too. :P

Yeah, yeah, I know. I should've called the school my damn self. I thought about that after we were back home and I'd properly caffeinated myself.

Despite the rocky start, it's been an average day. We ran to town for milk and diapers and coffee creamer - which I reeeaally needed earlier on in the day.

On another note, I reached the 10k point on my HQN story, and I sent in my fees and application for my local RWA chapter this morning. I guess I kinda need to go in now and subscribe to a few of the RWA loops so I can find out what's what. Maybe I'll do that in the morning. Tonight I'm going to curl up with Moongazer for a bit and watch TV with Mini. Poor nipper is feeling neglected today.

That's about it for me. Here's hoping tonight will be less rainy. :)

Hope you all had a productive Wednesday!


  1. Ooh, sorry you had such a stormy night, hope you get a good night's sleep tonight.
    RT next year? Sweet. I'm planning to go next year. And Orlando is a great town. :)

  2. Congrats on joining RWA! I haven't joined a local chapter -- mainly because they are not 'local' but rather 3 hours away. :-)

    Hugs on the long night!

    Congrats on the writing!!!!

    Have a good one!


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