Thursday, May 22, 2008

Scintillating Scotomas

I woke up this morning, climbed out of bed, and in the chaotic dash to start the day - dog clawing at the door to get out, Mini whining for brekkfass, TV blaring, and the fact I have to pee - BAM, it hits me. An occular migraine.

They don't happen that often, only a few times a year. I know it's been at least six months since my last one. I went to let the dog out, and all the sudden my vision skewed. The little zigzag zebra stripes, and a hazy spot. It made me a little dizzy, so I put the dog out, shooed Mini out of the room and sat down in the desk chair.

The pain caught up with me right about then, and every little sound in the house is shrieking through my temples. Mini starts wailing about being hungry and the phone starts ringing - it's hubby so I have to take the call, if nothing else but to tell him I'll call right back. I did just that, and went to stretch out on the couch, but Mini had piled up his toys there in about two minutes flat, so I went and crashed across the bed. The minute I lay down and cover my eyes, the dog starts scratching to come in, the phone starts ringing - my mother this time - and Mini comes in and starts jumping on the bed.

I lay there about thirty seconds, ready to punch in a call to the men in white coats to come take me away, when I realize nothing and no one is going to slow down for me. I'm gonna have to get up and take care of things or the chaos is simply going to keep going until I handle it.

I get out of bed in tears, staggering through the house because I can't see with the whole aura thing going on. First thing I go and pick up the phone. I tell my mom I am in pain with a migraine and hang up with her, promising to call back later. Next, I go and let the dog in. Then I snatch a cupcake out of the fridge and hand it to Mini so he will stop yowling.


I go back to the desk chair to sit for a few minutes and cover my eyes. The thing with migraine auras is that when you close your eyes the lights are still there. It lasted about 20 minutes this time, and when the aura finally subsided, I felt a little tired, stressed, and slightly naseated, but otherwise no worse for wear.

I've felt the headache nagging all through out the day, not really enough to stop me from doing anything, but just enough to remind me I'm not quite tiptop. It probably didn't help that Mini and Bubba decided to get into a "who can scream the loudest" contest at least three times today.

Mini by far has the most annoying, high pitched siren scream. He takes the blue ribbon without a doubt. Listening to that is enough to make me want to go bury my head in the sandbox. Or cry. Or possibly both.

I finally gave up the "nice mommy" routine around 4pm and went for the fly swatter. I shooed the kids out of the den, each to their corner of the house, with threats of bodily harm. Hey, if a fly swatter will smack a fly...

So here I am now, sitting in the dining room with my fly swatter of doom. This is the most quiet the house has seen all day. And damn it all. We're out of milk again. ~_~'

On a lighter note, I did absolutely NOTHING today. I'm kinda proud to say that, actually. It's long overdue in my book. I do plan to sit down and try to write a bit. We'll see. I may just end up reading for a while. *thumbs up*

The groovy headache art is what a scintillating scotoma looks like when you're having it. Of course, they vary. The pics are from this site:

Headaches as art. Now that's cool.


  1. Oh no, Cora, take it easy. Those sound like no joke. :( I get terrible headaches, but they're just constant, hammering pain. The doctors said if they get bad enough I can lose peripheral vision, but when I have them they don't affect my vision, only make me sensitive to light and sound.

    I can't imagine what the world blurring would do to me. I'd freak out. Ha ha. Maybe start to think that I was going into a coma because I'm just THAT melodramatic. Ha ha. You just wait and see. ROFL ^_^

    Feel better soon ok? And if need be, swing that swatter around. They'll get the hint.


  2. Thanks, Isabelle. I feel a bit better, and know it's my body telling me to slow it down.

    I'm keeping my flyswatter of doom handy, just to shoo the kids out if they get loud. ;)

  3. Oh, boy. I've had migraines, but nothing like that!

    And to add a little one screaming - talk about pain. Huge, but gentle, hugs to you, hon.

    Don't worry about wordcount, or to do lists when you get one of those, just take care of yourself.

  4. Ugh, migraines are the worst, while the headache art is brilliant! Spot on aura, if you ask me.

    I call them my "Frying Pan" headaches, b/c it feels as though I've been hit in the face with a frying pan. And the nausea is so pervasive it's all I can do to keep my lunch down.

    Don't overdue it or you might get a kickback migraine and then who's gonna bake the cupcakes? Usually I have to douse a migraine with caffiene, but I never thought of baking cupcakes. Hmmm....

    take it easy and feel better.



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