Monday, May 12, 2008

Reflecting and Yard Stuff

Here it is Monday again. I had a good Mother's Day. It was a bit quirky and patience was needed to get through part of it, but overall a very good day.

Hubby got up first thing to go and take care of our cell phone switch. I thanked him for my mommy day card, kissed him and Mini bye, then hunkered down with my laptop to write while the house was quiet. Ten minutes into writing, the phone rang. It was Hubby. I talked with him briefly, then back to work. Almost as soon as I found my writing groove, I got another call. This one from my mother. We chatted a few minutes and I told her we'd be over for Dad's birthday party at noon. We planned to have burgers and sausage, and cake and ice cream. I even had the presents wrapped and packed and ready to go. Once off the phone with mom, I'd just put the laptop back on my lap (I was writing will sitting on the bed) and the phone rang yet again. This time it's my godfather, and he wants to talk to hubby.

I knew the minute I got the call we were about to make an out of town trip. GF is older and he and his wife don't have anyone else to help them with things around the house or when things go wrong, so they call us. I couldn't speak for hubby since I didn't know what was going on, so I gave him hubby's cell number to straighten out the details.

I put the laptop away at this point, I knew the writing was done for the early part of the day. I'd lost my groove. Right after I put the comp back on my desk, I get a call from hubby and he and Mini are on their way to Ruston. *_* They have to help GF and wife with some electrical problems at their house. He tells me they're without lights, so we definitely can't leave them hanging. I get off the phone and sigh. There goes my serene Mother's Day. I turn around and call mom to rearrange dinner and birthday plans. By this time it's 11 am and I'm starving.

I set about cleaning the house, doing hubby's laundry, and all that jazz. Oldest was home with me since my mom decided not to go to church that morning. I let him be and washed dishes, clothes, made beds, cleaned up the utility room and a bunch of other things before settling down with Marianne Mancusi's Moongazer to try pecking my way through a few pages of it.

Around 1pm, I get a call from the hubster and he's on his way back. He tells me to get Oldest in the Jeep and meet them over at my parent's house. Gladly! All I can think about while I'm getting ready is: hamburgers. With cheese. And mustard. And onions, tomatoes, and pickles! *drool*

The parents were happy to see us, and mom seemed a little less miffed at me when we got there. She'd been a bit upset with me over the phone about having to postpone lunch. I gave her a mother's day gift - a huge teacup on a saucer. It's a planter, and she'd been wanting one to put an ivy in so I bought it for her. Come to find out, the minx snuck around and bought one already, so now she has 2. :P Dad got all teary eyed when he read his birthday card. He kept giving me bunches of hugs, so that rocked in my book. Dad's a big ol' teddy bear, and he can appreciate that kind of thing. We also picked him up a visa gift card so he could find some tech gadget, or maybe heat transfers or something to his taste, which is always changing.

We made it back home around 4, and I was exhausted. Mini was too, and after a bit of whining from the both of us, we curled up on the bed and took a nap-nap. I guess we got up about 6. Long nap, huh? *_* It was still daylight out, so I decided to pot the Salmon Impatiens my GF sent home to me as a Mother's Day gift. The pic above is the group I planted out on the patio.

After I planted those, I thought about the bleeding heart trees Mini and I planted in the backyard, and I decided to go check on them. I asked Mini if he wanted to go with me.

His reply?

"No, Mimi. I am digging."

Very well, then...

My bleeding heart plants have sprouted! Here is one of them. It's the little carrot sprout looking thing coming up out of dirt. Not that you couldn't have figured that out... I'm just sayin'. :P

I worry from time to time if the rabbits are going to eat the blossoms. Every evening you can see them out playing and grass-nibbling on that side of the house. So far so good...

While I was over inspecting the plants, Kinz heard me out there and came out of the house to hoo-hoo at me through the fence.

Hoo-hoo hoo hooooo!

I went over to the fence to baby talk at him a second, and that's when I noticed the pathway between the house and the fence needs weeding.

Oldest says it looks a bit like a jungle garden. I wonder if I can psyche myself out with the whole "jungle garden" phrase. You know, to save myself any actual weeding. Probably not. But it never hurts to try.

Kinz watching me, again. He kinda has that, "Don't ask. I don't do yard work" look on his face.

There you have it. My Mother's Day. Hubby got absolutely no rest yesterday so he took today off. I'm sure his boss must've been thrilled, but geez... I told mom next weekend we're having a family weekend. If necessary we'll turn off the phones. Speaking of which...he got them. Hubby brought home a belated Mother's Day gift. A pink sony erickson for me. Tres chic! Now to figure out how it works. LOL!

Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. Cora,
    Sounds like you've had a really busy weekend! Get some rest and get to writing! :*)

  2. Happy Mother's Day, Cora (even if I'm a day late)

    And I love those pictures of Kinz - he's so cute!

  3. I think turning off the phones is a great idea. ;) You're a popular woman. Ha ha. Your garden looks great. I hope you get to relax a bit from your hectic weekend and just enjoy your family.

  4. I'm jealous. I don't have a garden, I have a deck. A very windy deck. :)
    Kinz is cute.

  5. Sugar, that's not a weed jungle. Why that is a veritable smörgåsbord! Yummy.

    I could build a nice salad of wild edible greens from some of that and probably make salves and tinctures from the rest! LOL.

    I love the impatiens. You should see my Azaleas, They are blooming in Technicolor this year. :P

    I let everything go to voice mail when I'm writing, otherwise I'd never get anything done. Whew.

    Hope you find today more productive with your laptop. ((hugs))

  6. Hi demon! I know, I know...I really should get back to writing, shouldn't I? ^_^

  7. Thanks, Leah! I dropped by to read about your trip. :)

    I'm glad you like my Kinz. He's something else - a talker dog. Since he's gotten older (he's a grand old age of 12 years) his hoo-hooing voice has gotten more sandpapery so it sounds like he's constantly rawring something along the lines of "why, you young whippersnappers!" LOL!

    Can you tell we're those people who treat our pets like family members? :*)

  8. Isabelle, if I had no writing to do, no one would call me. LOL!!

    We do plan to turn the phones off this coming weekend. I don't care if it's rainy and we can't even get out and do anything. If that's the case I'll just sit and stare at hubby because he's home. :P

  9. Hi Ann! And thanks. Kinz is a true ham. :D I'll have to post a few more pics of the garden things - we've basically planted stuff all over the yard. LOL

    BTW, I envy your deck. We have a small scrap of patio we've been talking about expanding, oh, for about 12 years? We haven't done it yet so I'm not holding my breath. LOL! I'd love to have a deck. I'd have one entire side for potted plants. ^_^

  10. Cass, off hand I know there are a few ferns in there, some elephant ears. I'm pretty sure honeysuckle has wound it's way there by now... At the very back of that path there is a stone angel - of course it's not visible with all the weeds. Hahahaha! I'm sure it's green from moss and algae now.

    Oh gosh, your azaleas...they sound gorgeous. That's what we have lining the front of our house. They started out really full and pretty this year, but the weather has been so nutty they bloomed, then shriveled. The leaves are green, but the flowers look like a bunch of shriveled, rust colored husks right now. :S

  11. LOVE the pictures! Mini, I think, looks JUST like you! Both of you are beautiful;o)I always turn my phone off when i'm at home! Most times I forget to turn it ON!

  12. Crystal, you've got a good eye! Mini does take after me - dark eyes, round face, the whole bit. ^_^

    As for the phones, that's the main reason I try not to turn my phone off - lol. I completely forget about it until I start getting emails from hubby's cell phone : Why is your phone OFF?!

    Oops. ^_^


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