Thursday, May 01, 2008

Planning a Vacation

I spent a good chunk of last night tweaking my story for HQN. I decided to change the setting from South Beach to somewhere I'm a bit more familiar with, so (for the moment, at least) these urban werewolves will be inhabiting the fine streets of Shreveport, La. It's not a bad place. I grew up around there, and when we eventually moved, I lived there in the summers with friends. The truth is, though, I haven't read a whole lot of books set around that area. I can't name a single book off the top of my head, but I needed a city atmosphere that I could write about and make sound like I'd actually set foot in it at some point, so Shreveport it is. Really the setting is secondary, so I don't think it will cause too much of a ruckus to write the book closer to home.

Around the first of June, the family and I plan to take a four day vacation. We're heading out to Atlanta, GA, then we'll swing north so we can take Oldest to this mall around Buford, GA, before going on up to Cleveland - home of Babyland General Hospital. I've wanted to go for a while, so this is my year. As I've already written in a previous post, they're closing the old Babyland down and building a new one, and I want to see the original before it's out of commission. I plan to adopt a 'kid while I'm there too.

Just a fun, CPK collector fact: Did you know that the 'kids you pick from the patch yourself at Babyland are called "floor babies"? It's a term that is just what it sounds like. You picked a kid off the showroom floor. When colletors sometimes readopt a kid out, they tend to mention it when a kid is a floor baby.

Have I branded myself too much of a nerd today? ^_^ Ah well...

I guess I should get to work. I have some laundry to take care of, and I need to unload the dishwasher. If I do it early enough in the day I'll have a little bit more time to write once Mini lays down for a nap.

Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. north? georgia?


    then I thought, huh...cleveland...okay, I'll give her north...she really is heading north...

    no, not cleveland, OH jenji...

    if I head anymore north i'm going to end up smacking my face on a big, metal axis...

    glad you're all getting to take a few days off for travel!


  2. LOL about South Beach - I just cut a scene from my story that I'd set in South Beach too. And I think Louisiana lends itself to werewolves a lot more than Miami anyway.

    And Oooh Oooh, Atlanta! Take lots of pictures for me, will you? Part of Sam's story will be there so I may hit you up with some questions when you get back. I've only driven through it a couple times but never stopped for anything more than breakfast or lunch (can't remember which) at a Waffle House.

  3. But, Jenji, Georgia is North for me! Er, well North East. Sort of. A little bit? Kinda? To the right of me and up? *_*

    LOL! I have never been further north than Tennessee, shame on me. I've got friends all over the place I could stay with: NY, Canada, Ohio, and other places, but I've never been.

    The thing is I've always wanted to go, but life sort of does a tsunami over me and I tend to go where the waves take me. ^_^

  4. That's what I'm saying, Cora!

    You ain't never been north, sister...

    TN just doesn't translate as the true north. you have got to get to nyc in the's best around christmas. or vermont...or...

    then again, I've been to dozens of states, but I have never stepped foot in Louisiana, which I consider the somewhat south, wherein I've been to South America many times and that is some serious southern hemispheric's smack your mama hot there...

    what do I know, my brain in on tilt from too much mental peddling this week and (glancing at calandar which still says April) it's only Thursday.

    i apologize for these rambling side effects...

    maybe i should oh, I dunno, make some time to sleep?

    what would one do if one visited Louisiana?

    Where would one find the must-see attractions, keeping in mind that I don't drink alcohol or skydive...


  5. oh, and i'm allergic to shellfish.




  6. Hey, Leah, how wild is that?! Both of us writing (and cutting - hehe) South Beach!

    I was gonna do South Beach because of the night clubs, but really I don't know enough about it. It took a lot of inner convince to switch to settings.

    Shreveport has more sports bars than night clubs, and usually when a dance club pops up it just doesn't last very long. They stay open 1-6 months then they're gone. :S

    I'll be sure to take tons of pics of Atlanta for you! I've only been there a time or two, and mostly saw it from the interstate. I hope to at least get some good down town shots, especially since Oldest will be going - he's just now gotten to that phaze where he appreciates travel. lol If you like, I'll try and pick up some travel brochures for you while I'm there. Let me know!

  7. Jenji, one day I'll have to make my way to NYC. OMG, they'll take my credit cards away once I'm back home, I'm sure. It looks like shopper's paradise up there. First place I'd have to stop is the Toys R Us in Times Square. :*>

    BTW, I've seen gorgeous pics of Vermont in fall. Now that would be something to see...

    Louisiana? Hm. I'd stick to Shreveport or New Orleans if you're looking for a "modern metro" shopping and museums kind of good time. And, nah, no need to drink to have a good time. I'm not much of a drinker myself. (And no way in hell is anyone getting me in a plane for skydiving, LOL!) Shreveport has big cat preserve; New Orleans has Aquarium of the Americas. There's Jazz Fest that comes around once a year, and lots of fun little festivals that pop up all over the state. Lots of good blues festivals take place between Lake Charles and the gulf. Plenty of stuff to do here...

    Oh, but if you're allergic to shellfish ASK what's in the food your ordering. They put crawfish, crab and/or shrimp in everything down here: from sandwiches to salad to cornbread. No kidding!


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