Friday, May 23, 2008

Library Friday

I spent a little time writing this morning before setting out on the weekly errands. I managed around 1600 words before I gave it up and take a shower and get dressed. Ever since that migraine yesterday I've had this dull, lingering headache sort of riding me. It's not a full blown headache, one that's just sort of on the horizon, if that makes sense.

I took a few aspirin and took the kids with me to do my errands. After the bank I took them over to the library. I mainly wanted to find this specific line of Harlequin books that don't seem to show up on my local store shelves: Harlequin American Romance. I want to see what the line is about (aside from the obvious, dur hur to me), and after leaving Oldest in the "how to draw" section, I went scouring the shelves for about 10 minutes with Mini tugging on my arm.

I finally found 1 HAR: Randall Wedding by Judy Christenberry. It's one of those grouchy guy takes a bride type stories. Shame on me, but I just so happen to like those, so I picked it up then took Mini over to the children's section.

They have this big, colorful play area for kids. There's a huge rug with all the numbers 1-10, and the alphabet listed on it. It's oval shaped and in the center there are all these huge lounge pillows shaped like different animals: lady bug, turtle, etc. Mini saw this and his eyes got big on me. LOL! He went straight for the busy beads. He didn't care one stitch about the books. I managed to find a Kipper the Dog book and read that to him, but I don't know how much he got out of it. He saw there was a big section of wooden puzzles and abandoned me there with the busy beads.

After the library, we finished up the rounds with a trip to BK - it's FRY-Day, after all. We had lunched together, then the kids shuffled off to their respective corners. I browsed the net for a bit, looking up different books and doing a bit of research, looking through the guidelines over at HQN. You know, I didn't know half those lines of books existed?! *_*

Anyway, it's almost midnight, and I need to finish up a crochet project for mom. She asked me to make a large potholder to match her kitchen decor. I just need to do a bit of ribbon trimming and it will be finished.

Nite nite everyone, and happy weekend.

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  1. Hey, I'm back from vacation. Hope you're feeling better. I loved the pictures of Mini, he's so cute. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. :)


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