Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hunk Day Ponderings and a Dance Break

It's been sooo gorgeous outside the past few days. I can hardly wait until I can get back out in it and clean up the yard a bit. I want to plant some gladiolas this year, and I'm sure Mini would like to help me. I'm not pushing it though, I'm taking my time to get well. (Lesson learned!) When I'm actually able to breath through my nose again, I'll get the spade and bulbs out.

Oy, but the whole thing has gotten my summer receptors stirred up. I'm ready to take the top and windows off the jeep, break out the cut off shorts, and dig out all my favorite summer albums: Sublime, No Doubt's Return of Saturn, and Bob Marley's Legend...just to name a few.

I took some time yesterday to clear out some old VHS tapes from the hall shelves, and made room for more of our CDs and DVDs. I couldn't believe all the junk in there. I still can't! In various VHS and DVD sets, we had 6 copies of Night of the Living Dead. *_* Yeah, I guess we don't need all those. I boxed them up for charity. I did find and organize some of the CDs I'd been missing for a while.

Speaking of music... and Bob Marley - he's my hump day hunk of the week!! Why, you ask? Watch the video and find out. Do it. You know you want to.... *_*

Is it any wonder Bob Marley had 13 children? Talk about smoooooth talking. Simple and down to earth, Is This Love is one of those songs that is romance boiled down to its very core. It's a man saying I want to share my life with you and take care of you. Whew! Now that's confident and sexy. One of the best songs ever in my opinion.

There you have it. Bob Marley, my Hump Day Hunk for this week. ;)

Don't forget to drop by the Midnight Moon Cafe today. See if you can guess what our sexy shifter is. One lucky participant will win a free download of Michele Hauf's Racing the Moon! Don't miss out!

Happy hump day, everyone!

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  1. Hi Cora- cool video. Hope you get to enjoy the great outdoors soon. :)


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