Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Help. Us. All.

Yesterday I baked cupcakes. Mini has this thing about cartoon cupcakes - he sees them and goes bonkers. Cupcake!! *_*

No, I don't really get it, but I do dig cupcakes, so I decided to make some glitterbomb cuppys for him: strawberry with vanilla icing and sprinkles. Of course, he wanted to play in the sprinkles, so that's why we also used M&Ms. Because there's only so much sprinkles to go around.

Mini helped stir, pour into cups, and of course he helped decorate them. That's the part most kids go for. ;) We did the first batch of 6 together (there were something like 22 cuppys in all?) and I managed one picture of them bunched together before Mini snatched up one and left me to bake the rest on my own.

While baking, I decided to get a few pics, and here's Mini's reaction. I kept trying to get him to smile for me. He has learned to ham it up for the camera, God help us all. I went through about fifteen shots before I gave up trying to get one without his tongue sticking out.

I decided to take pictures of the cooking area instead - cooperative photo subject, you know - and that's when Mini decided to behave. He likes his picture taken, so the minute I turn the camera at something else, he sticks his face in the shot.

"I'm over heeere, Mimi!"
"Yes, Snick-o-pea, I know."

I went and ordered his birthday cake this morning. It's Cars, with Lightning McQueen on it and a checkered flag. He should love it. I then went and bought him gifts: mostly clothes. His daddy bought him a John Deere tractor with trailer to attach to it. He should get a kick out of that. His big gift is going to be a swing set, because he loves to go to the park, but there isn't one in our area set up for little tykes.

I took both boys to my mom's and dropped them off so I could do all the shopping. Dad came home at noon, so he got a chance to see both the kids this week. His coworker died on Saturday, a shocker since the guy was only 29 and seemed to be in good health. He left Friday with a smile on his face, and never came in Monday morning.

They had coworker's funeral today, so the job let out at 11am. I don't know why they even made them show up at all. Not that it's gonna matter too much on Dad's check. Tomorrow dad will be getting his pink slip. His boss told the crew this morning that the manufacturing plant they're working for (the are doing the subcontracted electrical work for the facility) is closing its doors effective tomorrow.

It's a factory that makes doors, and with the housing crisis, there aren't any builders placing orders for doors. The plant owner ran it until he couldn't afford to do it any longer. They won't even hold out until Friday. I never realized the housing crisis was so deep reaching. That's a lot of jobs lost. Dad is one of the fortunate ones, because he has his art/sign painting to fall back on. A lot of people don't have a second skill to see them through.

Aside from that, things are as usual. I worked on my wip a little this morning, and pushed a little closer to the end. A while back I'd written the ending in full. I had an ending but no beginning. Now I can't find that ending! *_*

What's that they say about Virgo organizational skills? Rubbish, I tell you. Pure rubbish. We do good to find our shoes.

That's it for me today. I hope you all had a humptastic Wednesday! I know I'm behind on blog visits and comments, and I'm really sorry about that. I promise I'll pop in to pay you all a visit asap!


  1. *snickers* That Mini cracks me up. Look at that face in the cupcake shot. :) Ha ha. He's like, HI! Look at Me!!!! Adorable.

  2. Really sorry to hear about your Dad's layoff. Times are getting really tough, aren't they?

    And there must be something in the air about baking - I made chocolate fudge brownies yesterday, and corn muffins today. My kids are looking at my sideways wondering what's wrong that I'm actually baking!

    And as Isabelle said, Mini is adorable!

  3. Yummy! My little one does the same thing with the camera---tries to get in every one! :-)



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