Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mini!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Mini!

Snips and snails and puppy dogs' tails,
that's what little boys are made of...

Mini had a good day despite spotting his gifts early, and the omg-drama-torturous wait he had to go through for his grandparents to get here. ^_^
The birthday cake - Lightning McQueen! The lady who made it did an awesome job, and she even managed to get the Happy Birthday on there. We thought the cake might be so busy the letters wouldn't fit. I stuck the three balloon candles on it. My artistic contribution - ROFL!

Mini woke up this morning, climbed into bed with hubby and me, and we kept telling him it was his birthday. He kept telling us "No, birthdays are on TV". We laughed about that, then hubby got up, and Mini, chattering the entire time, trailed his daddy through the bedroom and hallway toward the kitchen. Well, he rounded the corner to the dining room and saw the dining table set up with the decorations and presents I'd arranged last night so I woudln't be in such a rush this morning.

He saw the presents, and stopped talking. He looked at his daddy and said, "What's that?!" *_* He totally flipped out over the presents, and immediately wanted to tear into them.

Nope, you gotta wait for your grammy and pawpaw to get here.

"Aw, man!"

At last, the presents... As soon as mom and dad came in the door we did the presents. We didn't think we could get him to sit through cake and ice cream with itchy fingers. Here's Mini opening the tractor his daddy bought for him while in S. Louisiana. He saw what was in the package and shrieked, "Tractor!"

Smile, Mini, it's your day!

My little garden gnome baby. How beautiful you are.

You've come a long way, Snick'O'pea! ^_^


  1. Great cake! I miss the days when they'd get all excited like that - my boys are all grown up and don't want that type of fuss.

    LOL that he thought birthdays are for TV. And good for him that he waited until his grandparents got there to open the presents.

    Happy Birthday Mini!


    Happy Birthday Mini!

    I'll spare the poor boy any poetic discourse...

    What a wonderful day, with family, fun and presents!

    ps loving the pawpaw designation

  3. That is a cool cake. Happy Belated Birthday to Mini. :)

  4. Happy belated Birthday Mini!!!! 3 years old already?! Before you know it he'll be 16!!! Glad he had bunches of fun and that cake looks GOOD!!!!


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