Thursday, May 15, 2008

Feeling Butterflies

Today is Oldest's last day of school. I assume they'll be making up for that math final. Either way he was ready to gooooo this morning. I think he's got a few more phone numbers to get before the summer break.

We had more storms last night, but this time it wasn't so bad because we were prepared. I had candles lit before bed in case the lights went out. Which they didn't, probably because I was prepared :P.

I slept like a rock, and only woke up when Mini gave me a kick to the stomach around 1 am. I woke to find he'd somehow flipped completely around in the bed. His feet were up by my tummy and he was sacked across the covers with his head toward the foot of the bed. He usually flounders like that when he's got a tummy ache, but he didn't mention anything about it when he went to bed last night. I better watch him today and make sure he eats his "beggies" at lunch.

Today I'm going to work on the HQN wip a bit. Try to narrow down those last few chapters. I think there are 2 left? My goal is to have the whole thing (in its rough state, of course) ready to print up by tomorrow evening.

Now for the quick and dirty. I got tagged!

Ann tagged me, and these are the rules:
Posted at the beginning. At the end of the post, the player then tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leaves a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer. Play nice, children.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
Hm. 10 years ago I reaaaaally wanted to have another baby, so hubby and I went through a grueling year of fertility treatments, only to be told by my doctor he didn't think I'd ever get pregnant without surgery. This is also the wonderful year that I found out I'm diabetic and have PCOS. Not the best time of my life, but I can say with confidence the doctor was full of sh!t. I didn't need surgery, just the Atkins diet. 7 months on Aktins and a romantic weekend = surprise stork visit, aka operation Welcome Mini Bear. Take that Mr. Fertility Specialist. :P

2. What are 5 things on my to-do list today.
Mini's breakfast, Mini's lunch, Backyardigans dance break, NAP TIME, oh, and writing and coffee in there somewhere too.

3. Snacks I enjoy.
Pecans, chips, Diet Dr. Pepper, and all the usual artery clogging junk.

4. Places I’ve lived, in no particular order.
Texas and Louisiana. Exciting, no?

5. Things I would do if I were a billionaire.
Hm. I'd invest, that's for darn sure. A HUGE chunk of it. That money would be making me money, that's for sure. From a home life perspective, bills and family would have to be taken care of first. I'd have to set up at least three trust funds: for my parents and for the kids. Then I'd make sure Oldest got his dream trip to Japan (I'd never hear the end of it otherwise, ROFL!). I'm sure Hubby would have plenty of input for what to do with the money *snork*, and I imagine he'd quit his day job. For me, I'd probably buy a private island, have a house built, and then I'd find a comfy spot to lounge on the back deck of my new dream house to write books while Mini plays on the beach. (That's some sand box you've got there, Mini!) ^_^

6. Peeps I want to know more about.
This is all voluntary, of course. Here goes. I'm tagging Leah, Isabelle, Crystal, Jenji, demon, and... someone else? *_* I'll stick with these, kthanx!

Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. Sorry to hear about all the trouble you went through before you had mini. That sucks (I had a doctor flat out tell me I had lupus- 16 years ago- Yup, no lupus). I didn't list investing on my list cause I just figured that was a given. :) Have a great day and enjoy your nap.

  2. Isn't it amazing when Mother Nature can prove all those doctors wrong! Congrats on that, by the way.

    And my meme is up.

  3. Dang girl Sorry to hear that about the having babies thing. So the summer fun begins eh? Are you ready? Cool meme! I thought I was the only one that liked Diet Dr Pepper!

  4. Hey Cora...

    Sorry, but I don't do the tag thing on my site. It's just not my kinda thing, but it's definitely nothing personal, as I appreciate the thought.

    But, since you were interested all the same, I'll just give you a truncated version here...

    1. 10 years ago I was healing from a most traumatic, near death experience

    2.To Do List Today:
    pick up scholarship check
    begin to write a grant
    submit two freelance articles
    investigate PhD programs
    and clean the toilet lol

    3. Snacks I enjoy: greek, egg-dipped artichokes, movie theater popcorn, focaccia, cupcakes and a good old-fashioned milk shake

    4. Places I've lived in no particular order: 6 different cities in NYState, spanning from Western to Eastern NY and Virginia for a short time

    5. If I had a billion dollars I would try to do some good in the world, take care of family, produce thought provoking, investigative documentaries and most of all, make more of my own artwork.

    be well,

  5. Ann, that's one serious misdiagnosis! Doctors kinda scare me at times, what with all that. I think about that poor guy they had on the news. Went in to have his foot removed - thanks to diabetes -and he woke up to discover they'd taken the wrong foot! *_*

  6. Heya, Leah. ^_^ Gotta love it when Mother Nature steps in. You should've seen the look on hubby's face when I told him "the news". Hahahaha!

  7. Crystal, I'm sooooo ready for the summer insanity. I've been ready for about a month or so. School tends to drag on and on past March. LOL! Are your lil nippers ready for the school break?

  8. The taggage is always voluntary, Jenji. ~_^


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