Friday, May 02, 2008

Crazy Friday

Last night Mini couldn't seem to rest. He helped me hang wall paper earlier in the day, and seemed fine, but after bath time he started to act cranky. I thought he was just tired so we went to bed, although I was anticipating getting up after he fell asleep so I could do some writing. He flipped and flopped and basically couldn't seem to get to sleep. I finally got up around 11 or so, and went into the den, at which point Mini sat bold upright in the bed and started puking HARD.

He scared me so bad I didn't know what to do. I finally got him to the bathroom and got him cleaned up and calm. I rocked him for a bit, fixed him a bottle of juice with a half a teaspoon of kids allergy and cold medicine to help his stuffy nose. He seemed fine after that. We slept until about 7 am., then he got out of bed and went racing around the house. He did some bed jumping, car playing, yaaaaahoooooo'ing, and was having a great old time. He's potty training, so when I took him to the bathroom and got him in the bright bathroom light, it shocked me to see he had tiny red spots all over his face.

I thought at that point I might have a complete and utter freakout. It looks like the measles, and all these horror stories of kids with measles flashed through my mind. I started checking him for fever, looking in his eyes, basically annoying the garbage out of him when he wanted to play...

I left him be and called the doctor right away. Of course, in a small town we have one pediatrician and the woman is NEVER in the fucking office. Today was no different. The woman is about as useful as a planter wart on a dog's ass, I swear.

I told Mini's usual nurse what was going on and she told me to call a number that is specifically for making appointments through the hospital. I did call, and after a serious talk with the receptionist, I managed to get Mini in for 10:45 am.

Well, he has an ear infection, and the doctor says the red dots are burst capilaries from puking. Lovely, no? *_* The puking is from some kind of virus she said is going around, and she put him on antibiotics. Aside from that, she says everything looks good. He's up to his usual toddler hijinks. It's a relief knowing he's not sick with something serious, but Mini keeps having tummy aches and fever so even after the doctor visit, I'm playing it safe and anticipating a long night.


Picking this post up again after about four hours of phone calls and visitors. It's just been crazy like that for most of the day. I haven't had a visitor in 2 weeks, but the minute one of the kids gets sick... Mini is hyper now because my godfather just left, and he had a riding lawn mower in the back of his truck. "I wanna ride the tractor!!!" ~_~'

Oldest keeps wanting to add in commentary everytime I try to talk on the phone, so I've turned off my cell and put it away for tonight. Now that I've done that, I wonder if maybe I should've done it hours ago. Anyway, I'm going to call it a night at this point before I keel over. I don't want to kick the bucket before I watch this weeks episode of BSG. LOL!

Tonight if Mini is able to rest, I plan to work on my HQN story some more. I'm still rearranging chunks of it and pruning. I'd given myself a 10 day deadline for doing this, but I didn't anticipate anyone getting sick. I'm going to go the road less traveled and cut myself some slack tonight. If I get to it, I do. If not, I'll catch up asap.

I hope you all had a calm, uneventful day. Here's hoping Saturday will be a good rest day. Happy weekend, folks!


  1. Ooh, sorry about Mini being sick. Puking is no fun. When you wrote about the red spots, my first thought was chicken pox, glad to hear it was neither cp or the measles. Hope you and mini both have a restful and relaxing weekend (I'll be working- bleh). :)

  2. Oh sweetie, when I read about those red spots I nearly fell off my seat. I immediately thought, 'Oh no, not the chicken pox!' Thankfully it's an infection (not that Mini is very thankful right now). But it's good that it's nothing major. I really hope he's feeling better and that you guys aren't up all night being pukey and sick.


  3. How is Mini feeling now? Poor thing. I can't stand when the kids are sick. Get well soon Mini;o)


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