Monday, April 07, 2008

Weekend with the Heathens

I did it. I survived the weekend. Oldest and Mini only got into how many fights over the TV? That was easy enough to resolve though - I put it on a channel of my choosing. Something like Lifetime. I never watch Lifetime, but boy it can vacate a living room of children pretty fast.

Overall the kids did very well, and only drove me mildly insane in those moments when I was trying to talk on the phone with hubby and they decided that particular moment was for wrestling on the couch. Out, heathens! Begone! *_*

This morning the house is quiet again. Mini just checked his bubba's room and said to me "Bubba at skoo?" Yep. And there are only 30 some odd days before summer vacation starts. This year should be interesting because Mini has really begun to pay attention to what the other members of the household do. Oldest can look forward to two and a half months of his little brother trying to invade his room. Better not shelve my mediator hat just yet, eh?

I finished my edits for Weirdly 2 this weekend - woohoo! The release date is loosely set for June. I need to tweak my blog a bit now because the stories I wrote for this project aren't romance, but horror/paranormal type things. Hm. *thinking*

It's only about 9 am here, and I haven't had nearly enough coffee yet to get motivated. There are clothes to put in the dryer, I need to make the beds, and afterward, I plan to break out the manuscript I pitched back in March and see if I can do something with it. I'm sorely tempted to put it aside and try my hand at an urban fantasy. We will see....


  1. So did you what any movies? Eat all that popcorn?? Do tell;o)

    Yes, if the kids are fussing over the TV i'll do the same thing too. Like Discovery or food network. They still whine though...

    Being driven mildly insane is what kids do best! And yes, every time the phone rings is when they come out of the cracks, shadows, under beds, closets...WHERE EVER to reek havoc is when your on the phone!

    Hope you got all the laundry done;o)

  2. Truer words have never been spoken. (Typed?) ^_^ We ended up watching Herbie Fully Loaded and yes, we did eat all that popcorn. LOL!

    How about you? I need to pop over there and see what you've been up to lately.

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