Thursday, April 03, 2008

Thursday Cheese

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Say cheese!

I'm gonna finish up this round of edits today if it kills me. :P All I managed to do yesterday was stare helplessly at projects, my eyes glazing over because I couldn't seem to gather enough brain cells to focus on any one thing for longer than two minutes. Mini finally came up and tapped me on the leg while I was trying to read something onscreen and said, "Mimi, let's play it the pets game." Hm. Good idea! ^_^

I do feel more refreshed today, so it's time to call the break over and get back to work. There is also a book I need to finish reading before it goes back to the library tomorrow. It's a YA called The Hunter's Moon, by O.R. Melling. It's part of The Chronicles of Faerie, and from the first page it's pretty interesting.

I should get to work now. I could probably be finished in about two hours if I'd just stick to it. :P Off to go work on edits. I'll be around to visit you all in a bit.

Oh! And if you just so happen to like urban fantasy, drop by the Midnight Moon Cafe today. Author Rachel Vincent has an interview up for the Midnight Brew. Her new book Rogue is out now, and is the sequel to her awesome first book, Stray. Be sure to check it out; you may end up winning a copy of her latest book!

Take care everyone! And if today doesn't quite go right, just remember - tomorrow is Friday! *dance, dance* ^_^

UPDATE: 1st round edits are done!!


  1. I love the tag you gave this post - brain drivel! Brilliant. I'm interested to know how many edits you do before you consider a work polished. I worry that I'm overworking mine. What's the cut off point, or is more deadlines for you?

  2. YAY! I know you can finish your edits in no time. You're like an edits jedi master. ;)


  3. Leah, the number of edit rounds depend on the editor or publishing house. Typically there are three or four rounds. I've got two stories going into one book right now, so each story is getting done individually. The first story is finished, and the update I posted today is for the first round on the last story.

    Hopefully I didn't just confuse the stuffins out of you. *_*

    Now if you're asking how many times I revise, I usually write two solid drafts then do two hard revisions and what I call a "read through" before submitting.

    You can actually polish too much, and end up getting stuck with a project. The longer I keep a story on my plate, the less likely I am to finish it. Before I got published, a fellow romance diva told me "leave something for your editor to catch".

    I've held to that advice. I polish a story enough so it reads smoothly; then I release it into the wild. ^_^

  4. ROFL @ Jedi edits! ^_^ Thanks Isabelle!


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