Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Survey Apocalypse

It was very, very hard not to knock a king sized lump on Oldest's head this morning. Then again, I hadn't yet had my first cup of coffee.

He came to me last night with a permission slip to go to the LA Tech recruitment workshop, which is going on today. I read over the form, signed everything. I mean, I would've signed it anyway - who doesn't want to get out of class, know what I mean? But I was also thinking it would be good for him to take a trip over to tech with friends so he can familiarize himself with the campus. For all the Oldest wants to go to college in Japan, he doesn't a.) have the grades to get him there, b.)have the money to get him there, and c.) he doesn't have rich sponsors who are going to send him there to chase lolita schoolgirls around the Harijuku district - which I'm pretty sure is his top motivation for wanting to go to Japan anyway.

Tech isn't a bad school. It's community, but pretty much anything Oldest wants to do, he can do there. Even if he wanted to jump into something like rainforest ecology or NASA, there are programs right there in Ruston. Of course, I'm saying all this with his financial ability and gpa in mind. If Tech isn't his choice school, I'm not about to make him shoot for that rung, but I can safely say Ivy League, Duke, etc... well, that's definitely out.

Anyway, I get up this morning and see Oldest waiting with his "rice baby" for the bus. The rice baby is part of his adult responsibility class. It's a handsew bag of rice with a baby cap, googly eyes, and a pacifier in its "mouth". He has to carry it everywhere he goes, including the grocery store. But I digress... He's waiting for the bus in what he terms his "cool clothes". Sooo, he's wearing a ratty dragon Tshirt with a hole near the collar and the material so thin you can see the color of his skin through it. Thankfully, he has an overshirt with blue flames over the top of that, but even that's not the best choice. It's almost too small for him! Along with these fine rags he's wearing black pants that only make the shirts stand out that much more. *sigh* How many hundreds of dollars have I spent at Hot Topic over the years? This kid has more clothes than I do, including "cool clothes" that look...well...like he didn't salvage them from the giveaway box at Goodwill.
I'm not a fashion police clothes nazi or anything; I have my own frumpy clothes. But, really, this is sort of like a job interview. Not only that, but Ruston is my hometown. Always around the college the fashion leans more toward clean and modern. Not preppy exactly, but what I think of as "mall casual". LOL! Poor Oldest. I let him do. I let him wear what he wanted, but I know when he gets there and sees how everyone else is dressed, he's going to wish he'd worn something else - just like last time when he went on that agricultural hike. He still groans about that incident from time to time. *shakes head*
Aside from this, my phone has been ringing steadily since 6 am. Hubby and mom together have both called me no less than nine times. (Althought it won't seem like it on the read-back, I've had this post open for over 2 hours!! :P) Hubby is tired and a bit homesick; he calls wanting to chat with me and to speak to Mini, which I totally understand. I feel the same way when I'm out of town. Mom on the other hand....
When Mom and Dad moved into the new house, hubby and I both tried to get them to survey the house while they had money in the bank. Of course, I knew they wouldn't find the drive to do it until they either had neighbor's breathing down their necks, or they ran out of money. Mom keeps calling because she's decided now that they are broke, they need the damn yard surveyed. Gee, ya think? They've been clearing out all this dry brush along the back of the property, and only now realize they could accidentally clear off someone else's property and find themselves in trouble.
I listened to her on the phone, trying to explain why this has suddenly cropped up. My mind wanders to that "happy place" where there is abundant man-titty, margueritas all around, oh yeah - and everyone is responsible for their own property....
When mom finishes, I wake up from my daydream and tell her she has nothing to worry about, that hubby and I had already discussed surveying the property. (We did. Back in January.) Yes, we'll pay to get it surveyed; however, I'm not going to do this "we'll pay you back" junk like what mom was talking about. Those arrangements are never ever ever worth the stress. I'll just try and look at it like 500 dollars spent to salve my own peace of mind. I told mom it will be a combined birthday present for both her and dad. *sigh*
I keep telling myself it's better this way. ~_~'
On a brighter note, I wrote another thousand words last night on the current wip. It's coming right along, and each night I seem to be developing the plot a little more. I like it lots when projects go like that. I'm a pantster and there are times I write myself into a corner and have to do major back tracking because I realize things are going along pointlessly.
What with the progress though, I'm thinking about adding one of those little meters. I'll have to look around for one when I get a few spare minutes. Sometime today. Or tomorrow. Oh bother.... *lol*
It's almost 10:30 and I need to make a run to the store for light bulbs. (Light glubs - as Oldest used to call them.) I better end this post for today. Mini is having bye-bye fits.
Have a pleasant Tuesday!


  1. LOLOL!!! I've got a teenager JUST like Oldest. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and let them find things out the hard way....On second thought, when they do learn it, it'll be our faults cause we DIDN'T say anything!lol!

    Sorry your having to end up paying for the survey but I totally agree that if you are, just don't worry about being paid back for it. Good for you to make that choice.

    When will hubby be back? I bet your all going a little crazy while he's gone.

    Good job on another 1000 words!

  2. Girl, that is the honest to goodness truth about teens. LOL!! If you warn them, you're nagging. If you don't warn them, it's your fault. ^_^

    Hubby is gone until Saturday night late - he's coming home after work and spending the night. Then sunday evening he'll go back to Lake Charles. We'll be doing this for four long weeks. I'm so used to having him around it really it feels longer than that. :S

  3. Wow! You sound like you've got your hands full with the kids, missing hubby, and the parents. I hope things run smoothly.

    He'll be back before you know it, then you can settle the survey issues with the mom and pop. You must miss him. It's hard to be apart like that, isn't it?

    LOL about Oldest. Kids just gotta learn lessons like that on their own. ;)

    Great job with your WIP. Keep it up!

  4. Oh, Cora - sympathies on the phone calls. I end up having to screen my calls and deal with the guilt when I knowingly/deliberately don't pick up my mother's calls. But really, there's a limit.

    And as for your story about eldest's clothes, all I could think was "I am SO grateful my kids had to/have to wear a school uniform."

    And woohoo on getting those thousand words even after all those interruptions.

  5. Whoa. You definitely need a vacation.

    Teenagers are nuts---especially boys...lol. They have it all figured out. We all did. :*)

    Cora, it sounds like you need a spa day. :*)


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