Friday, April 25, 2008

Smile, it's Friday!

Smile, everyone! It's Friday!

I've already gone about my errands today and I'm getting the house ready for hubby to come home tonight. He's driving in from Lake Charles for the weekend.

I hope to have him to myself for a few hours if for nothing else but to relax and talk for a while (conversation that doesn't involve Go, Diege, Go - imagine that!) but if I'm going to have any grown up time, I have to have the house in order.

Truth be told, this is the messiest my house has been in ages, but for the past few days I've been busy writing and doing constructive things - like cleaning out the closets whenever I'm stuck for a scene.

I'm catching up on the cleaning today, but I'm certainly not sorry for putting it off earlier in the week.

I stayed up very late working on my urban fantasy last night. The story is moving along at a nice clip and I'm not going to knock it. I haven't gone back and reread anything. I haven't backtracked to edit. This book is all action, action, action. The heroine digs herself out of one mess only to find herself planted firmly in another. She's not some kick ass chick, you see. She's just a normal girl who manages to get herself into a sticky situation and is trying to get out of it alive. I hope to carry this one out to a full 90k+ words because I gotta say, I have never loved a heroine as much as this one.

Speaking of kick ass heroines... I managed to land another of Patricia Brigg's Mercy Thompson novels. I'd have to go get it off the nightstand to check the title - and I'm a bit too lazy to do that right now, but let me say I did a "hoot" in the grocery store when I saw it because day-amn but they are slow to put out books here.

I'm still reading Claimed by Shadow. I planned to just sit down and read it through, but my characters have been talking too loudly lately. I always end up writing instead of reading. I need to sit down and give the book the attention it deserves, because the first line grabbed me right away. Anything about demons and a casino designed to look like hell - well, you had me at hello.

Tomorrow I'm making a run with hubby to Office Depot. I have a few things to pick up there. I also plan to finish up the painting of the bathroom. I need someone to kind of keep Mini out from underfoot while I'm trying to paint the high places.

When I was painting around the top of the shower stall - which is paneled - a few days ago I had to stand on the edges of the tub - one foot on each side of the rim. Mini kept coming over to see what I was painting and kept knocking his Backyardigans Pirate boat into the tub, and it would scatter pieces everywhere. I was afraid that painting session was destined for disaster, so I gave it up until hubby comes home.

Well, Mini is saying it's naptime, and I'm not going to argue. ^_^ I will write while he rests. Whatever you're doing, I hope you all have a happy weekend!


  1. Oooh! Another Patricia Briggs book! I knew there was one coming out but I haven't seen it up here yet (although it's probably on the shelves somewhere). I love her Mercy series.

    Glad to hear your characters are talking to you -gotta listen to 'em when they start talking to you - trying to coax 'em to talk when they don't want to is too tough!

    Have a lovely weekend with hubby!

  2. Ohhh! You're on a roll, baby! I'm jealous. ;) And excited for you. Ha ha. Keep those fingers going.

    I hope you and the hubby have some nice alone time. And that Mini will let you paint the bathroom. You do a lot of painting. You should post pictures some day. :)


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